I tried eating a novel 'Meiji enchanted honey and tight coffee jelly' combination of whipping texture and 'honey × coffee'

" Meiji Enchanted Honey and Tennis Coffee Jelly " that combines a source using acacia honey and a cozy jelly with a tangy texture has appeared on Tuesday, August 7, 2018. I tried to eat jelly that it is eatable with large capacity, it is easy to eat even in hot seasons with sweetness of honey and hot season.

A combination of fascination that was unlikely, honey × coffee jelly "Meiji Enchanted Honey and Tennis Coffee Jelly" | Press Release | Company Information | Meiji Co., Ltd.

"Meiji Enchanted Honey and Tight Coffee Jelly" (130 yen tax) is a large-capacity and elastic coffee jelly, which combines honey with compatible coffee.

Contents amount is 180 g, type name is "cake". It is written "raw honey sauce (sugar, honey, agar)" for raw materials.

The energy per piece is 127 kcal and the carbohydrate is 31.7 g.

The diameter of the large capacity cup is about the same as the traffic type IC card (long side 8.5 cm).

A blackish-brown jelly appears that turns the lid to imagine the color of coffee. I imagined the sweet smell of honey, but from the jelly tailored with espresso, I can not feel the sweet smell that the coffee's mellow aroma was.

As I scooped it, there is somewhat elasticity with jelly of Purupuru. You can tell by how much you sprinkle in one shot when you see the following movie.

I tried to pretend elastic 'Meiji Enchanted Honey and Tight Coffee Jelly' - YouTube

When eating, as with espresso, deep bitterness and subtle acidity spread into the mouth, sweetness of honey appears after bitterness suddenly pulled. However, the sweetness of honey is not bad, it makes it refreshing and appetite declines. Even in the hot summer, it tastes like it can be eaten.

The price of "Meiji Enchanted Honey and Tight Coffee Jelly" is 130 yen, excluding tax, and can be purchased throughout the country.

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