I tried `` Meiji Essel Super Cup Sweet's Tapioca Black Tea Latte '' which layered four layers such as fragrant black tea ice and brown sugar sauce with Punipuni tapioca

Meiji Essel Super Cup Sweet's Tapioca Tea Latte , a layered layer of four layers of tea cookies, milk flavored ice, brown sugar sauce with tapioca, and black tea ice, has been added to the hearty ice cream classic Meiji Essel Super Cup series. Was. It is said that the taste and texture can be changed by the layered structure, so I actually tasted the change.

Express the 'tapioca drink' with a delicious texture with ice! 'Meiji Essel Super Cup Sweet's Tapioca Tea Latte' New release from March 30 / Nationwide | 2020 | Press Releases | Meiji Co., Ltd.-Meiji Co., Ltd.


This is the package of “Meiji Essel Super Cup Sweet's Tapioca Tea Latte”. The original tapioca tea latte itself is drawn.

The feature is that four layers of tea cookies, milk ice cream, brown sugar sauce with tapioca and black tea ice are layered from the top.

Looking at the names of the raw materials, the top is “Grilled Konjac Black Mitsu with Tapioca” containing isomerized liquid sugar, sugar, black bees, konjac powder, tapioca, starch, and agar. It is followed by dairy, sugar, vegetable oils, cookies, syrup, egg yolks and tea.

The calories are 255kcal per 172ml.

When I opened the lid, I saw a layer of tea cookies like this. When you approach your nose, you will feel a slight fragrance of Assam tea.

When you put a spoon and look at the cross section, under the tea cookies, white milk flavored ice and tea ice are layered, and between them, the brown sugar sauce with tapioca is looking out.

When you try it, you can feel the flavor of Assam tea with the fragrance of black tea ice, and the richness and sweetness of black honey. The tea cookie has a moist texture and has no presence, but the impression that the kneaded tea powder highlights the flavor of Assam tea. Tapioca has the texture of Punipuni rather than mochi, and it remains in the mouth to the end and has a 'tapioca milk tea-likeness'.

'Meiji Essel Super Cup Sweet's Tapioca Tea Latte' is available for purchase at supermarkets and convenience stores nationwide for a limited time from March 30, 2020 (Monday). The price is 220 yen excluding tax.

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