Trying to eat “Meiji Essel Super Cup Sweet's Mango Yin” made in four layers including Mango flesh & Yin & Passion Fruit Sherbet

The Meiji Essel Super Cup Sweet 's Mango Otohito has been available since June 10, 2019 in the popular “

Meiji Essel Super Cup ” series, a popular cup of ice during the hot season. The four-layer structure of mango flavor and ginseng tofu-flavored ice made it a taste that is perfect for summer, so I immediately tried eating what kind of ice it is.

Perfect for summer! Mango x Indigo Tofu x Passion Fruit Combination 'Meiji Essel Super Cup Sweet's Mango Indigo' June 10 New Release

“Meiji Essel Super Cup Sweet's Mango Aoihito” (¥ 220 excluding tax) is a summery package based on mango orange and blue.

The type of ice cream is 'lacto ice', which has the second highest ratio of milk solids to milk fat, and the content is 172 ml. Raw materials include 'mango sauce', 'passion fruit sauce' and 'mango juice'.

The energy per piece is 243 kcal.

There is a pig inside when the lid is removed ......

Mango-containing fleshy sauce appeared from below. The sweet smell of mango tickles your nose at once.

In addition, a mandarin-tofu-flavored ice was hidden below the mango-containing flesh sauce. Mango pulp and mango puree blended with mango pulp, the rich sweetness and moderate acidity make you feel fresh. It is a perfect match with the sweetened tofu-flavored ice cream.

A four-layer structure in which there is a mango-flavored ice that contains passion fruit sauce under a mandarin tofu-flavored ice and mango juice in the lowermost layer. When ice is scooped through multiple layers, you can get a feeling of warmth not to taste in the cup ice of a standard super cup. The passion fruit sauce had a crisp texture like sherbet, and it had a different taste and acidity accent than mango.

If you try to eat all four layers together, the combination of sweet and sour taste of mango, pomegranate tofu and passion fruit is a great match. You can enjoy a variety of textures in a single bite, such as mango flesh, smooth ice, and passion fruit sorbet from Shari Shari.

“Meiji Essel Super Cup Sweet's Mango Yin” has been available at retail stores nationwide from June 10, 2019. The suggested retail price is ¥ 220 excluding tax.

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