Ice `` Essel Super Cup Sweet's Mont Blanc '' tasting review that reproduced Mont Blanc in 4 layers such as sauce with marron pulp and salty cookies

October 7, 2019 (Monday), ice cream `` Essel Super Cup Sweet's Mont Blanc ' ' that reproduces

Mont Blanc of cake by layering four layers of marron flavored ice cream, whipped cream style ice cream, sauce with marron pulp and salty cookies Has appeared from. I tried to eat the new 'Essel Super Cup Sweet's' series, which pursued the perfection as a sweet by layering ingredients.

Meiji Essel Super Cup Sweet's | Meiji Corporation

This is the “Essel Super Cup Sweet's Montblanc” package. The type of ice is lact ice.

Calories are 268kcal per 172ml per meal ...

Kuri sauce comes in front of the name of the raw material. In addition to ingredients common to ice cream such as dairy products and sugar, there are also names such as cookies and chestnut powder.

When I opened the lid, it spreads all over with a sauce containing malon pulp.

Try scooping all four layers with a spoon. From the top, the sauce with malon pulp, whipped cream ice, cookies, and marron flavored ice are layered. Because the four layers are sandwiched between “malon sauce” and “malon ice”, the fragrance and richness of marron are felt firmly from the moment you put it in your mouth, and you are surely eating a cake Montblanc. Whipped cream-style ice is a gentle taste that complements the strong claim of Marron's ice cream, with a salty crispy cookie accented in the latter half, and a luxurious finish that changes the taste that turns with a bite.

Maron sauce contains 8% malon pulp and 27% malon paste, so you can enjoy both melting and chewing.

The cross section of the ice looks like this. As the taste and texture change more and more, you won't get bored and you can eat to the last bite as you follow the changes in taste. Because the content is large at 172mm, it was perfect when you wanted to eat something sweet.

In addition, “Essel Super Cup Sweet's Montblanc” is 220 yen excluding tax.

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