A petite size `` Petit Qoobo '' that beats the cushion type robot `` Qoobo '' that shakes the tail when it strokes and also becomes a pet appeared, I tried to see what has evolved

In October 2020, “ Petit Qoobo, ” which is a pet-like robot “

Qoobo ” that shakes its tail and responds when stroked , will be released in October 2020. Not only has it become smaller, but new features have been added, such as feeling the pulse as if it were really alive and responding to the sound. I was able to borrow the Petit Qoobo under development, so I tried to see how much it has evolved.

Is it a living thing? A petite-sized robot is now available for petting! React to sound! -CAMPFIRE

Qoobo | A tail cushion that heals the heart.

You can understand what 'Petit Qoobo' is like by watching the following movie.

I tried stroking `` Petit Qoobo '' which strokes and tails-YouTube

This time, I was able to borrow a demo machine under development instead of the actual product. Open the white cardboard ...

Petit Qoobo fits perfectly. There are four colors: guri (gray), marron (brown), noir (black), and blanc (white). The color I borrowed this time was guri.

Petit Qoobo has a simple body and tail. Originally, a charging cable was included, but this time it is not included because it is a demonstration model. The operating time is about 8 hours.

The size is 280 mm long × 210 mm wide × 100 mm high, and the total length is about twice as large as the iPhone 11.

The height is about this compared to the iPhone 11.

It weighs about 500g. It is about half the weight of a Qoobo, which weighs about 1kg.

When Petit Qoobo (left) and Qoobo (right) are lined up, Petit Qoobo is about half the size of Qoobo. You can see that the tail is also quite short.

The thickness of Petit Qoobo (left) is about two-thirds of that of Qoobo (right), and it is like a physical difference like a parent and child.

Since Petit Qoobo is thinner, you can put it on your knees and hide it under your desk.

The soft and fluffy coat feels like a large Qoobo. Perhaps because it has a motor inside, it has a firm elasticity without feeling fluffy.

According to an editorial staff member who has kept cats, the comfort is 'feeling like the base of the tail is stroking a cat', and you can feel the creature-likeness from the coat.

The fluffy hair is a cover that you can unzip and remove to wash yourself.

The power switch is located at the base of the tail.

When you click the switch ...

Start pretending to be a tail. You can see how you are shaking the tail by watching the following movie. Petit Qoobo responds to stroking and tapping, and its tail moves whimsically even if it is not touched. If you shake the tail, you can hear the winking sound of the motor inside, but if you think it is a squealing voice, it will gradually become cute ...

I turned on the power switch of `` Petit Qoobo '' like a living thing-YouTube

Comparing the tail swings of Petit Qoobo (left) and big Qoobo (right), Petit Qoobo makes a short tail move like a puppy, and a big Qoobo shakes a long tail like an adult dog. So even the movement is like a parent and child. The tail motor sound is lower in Qoobo and higher in Petit Qoobo.

I compared the tail of a small `` Petit Qoobo '' with a big `` Qoobo ''-YouTube

The Petit Qoobo is also designed to feel like a heartbeat, so when you put your hand on it, you can see that it's pulsing. The heartbeat is so faint that it is drowned out by the sound of its tail, and is barely noticeable if you are conscious of it.

A function that responds to sounds has also been added, and when you make a loud sound, Petit Qoobo will express a surprised reaction with its tail. In the following movie, you can see what happens when you surprise Petit Qoobo with a loud sound.

I am surprised by the loud sound of `` Petit Qoobo '' that responds to sound-YouTube

Petit Qoobo is petite, and its short tail moves when stroking, making it more like a small animal than Qoobo. I feel relaxed as I listen to Petit Qoobo's slower beating heartbeat, which has become more lifelike. It should be noted that the Petit Qoobo has an actuator to reproduce the heartbeat, so if you sit on it or place a heavy object on it, it may cause a malfunction and the heartbeat may stop, so be careful. Although it is a cushion type, it is a robot for healing purpose rather, it seems that it is not suitable for cushions.

At the time of writing the article Petit Qoobo is seeking investment for commercialization, and has already succeeded in collecting more than 5 million yen at the target amount of 500,000 yen. You can get one Petit Qoobo by investing 9000 yen or more. The deadline for investment is 23:59 on Sunday, May 10, 2020.

Is it a living thing? A petite-sized robot is now available for petting! React to sound! -CAMPFIRE

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