Qoobo cushion type robot with a tail that gets healing like a dog or a cat is kept

Even if you think "If you get tired and come home and have a dog or cat when you have a dog or cat ..." Even though you think that there are people who can not keep pets for environmental reasons. Then, he made a tail to a soft cushion, and made its tail react to his behavior, it was made to reproduce the therapeutic effect of pet "Qoobo"is.

Qoobo | Healing heart, tail cushion.

Qoobo by Yukai Engineering - Kickstarter

You can check how Qoobo's tail shakes, etc. from the following movie.

Qoobo | Healing heart, tail cushion. - YouTube

The tail is a communication tool without words for animals.

However, even if you like dogs and cats, there are many people who can not actually keep pets due to problems such as dwelling circumstances and their allergic constitution.

If you have a cushion type therapy robot "Qoobo" with a tail, even people who can not keep pets can get a healing like if you keep pets.

The whole is like this. A tail is growing in a round cushion of fluffy coat.

Sweep softly and shake fluffy and tail ......

If you do a lot of strokes, swing the boom tail.

Sometimes it will answer by shaking a tail to a whim.

Prof. Nobuhiro Sakata of Dokkyo University of Medicine commented on Qoobo, "I was very interested in shapes and movements that unexpectedly spilled a smile."

"I think that the concept of trying to create communication by just tail movement without daring voice and facial expressions is interesting.If there is a possibility that it may lead to healing effects from the psychological change caused by the movement of the tail I felt it. "

Designer's very particular about animal-like size and feel when having, balance of the overall shape and tailTakaoka NaoshiI am talking.

It also observed and studied the actual movement of animals and made use of it in Qoobo development, CTOTakashi SagisakaMr.

Qoobo has a tail length of 540 mm, a cushion diameter of 330 mm and a height of 160 mm. Weight is about 1 kg, it is said that it operates with dry batteries or rechargeable batteries, but which one is adopted is undecided. The battery holding time is more than 8 hours.

Two colors of Husky gray and French brown color.

"What I aimed at was" technology that moves "tails" and "heart", it means that a program to reproduce real tail movements and a mechanism to realize complex tail movements were developed.

DevelopedYukai engineeringIn the pastNekomimi moving with an electroencephalogram "necomimi"A creators group with a track record of developing. In the development camp held in March 2017, I got the idea of ​​"what I really wanted" and "what I always wanted to make", one of the designers said, "When I got tired and went home, I healed If the existence is at home ... ", it is said that the project started.

Even with the ...

It is OK even if you take a nap as a pillow.

Even if you let it in the cushion, it seems that the atmosphere appears as if the pet is hiding a bird.

Qoobo is a cloud-funding platformKickstarterWe are seeking investment for commercialization, and at the target amount of 5 million yen, we have already succeeded in gathering over 3.2 million yen by the time we left 41 days until the deadline. It is possible to get 1 Qoobo of Husky gray or French Brown with a capital of 10,000 yen or more, 2 color one set with 2,000 yen investment or more, with a capital of 100,000 yen or more, tagged with tags with logo / serial number You can get pure white Qoobo with special specifications. The shipping schedule time is September 2018, and in the case of Japan, it is necessary to pay attention to the extra shipping fee from 2000 yen.

The deadline is 22:38 on Sunday, 3 December 2017.

Qoobo by Yukai Engineering - Kickstarter

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