I tried to eat 'Onegai like bread' that imaged that spring onion Hatsune Miku possesses

Speaking of Hatsune Miku, there is an image called Onaga, but a sweet bun with that onion as a motif "Bread that looks like green onion (milk cream & milk whipped)"(116 yen including tax), so I tried snacks.

Speaking of Hatsune Miku, is not it onion?

The eyes will go ahead to the package where the pretty picture is drawn.

Beyond the line of sight of Hatsune Miku ... ...


Kagamine Rin & Len


Megurine LukaIs drawn.

"It is a bread shaped like green onions, baked with green and yellow-green fabrics on white fabrics."

Examination of the raw material did not contain anything that seemed to be "green onion". Melon concentrated fruit juice is contained, probably the green part is melon taste.

The energy per piece is 366 kcal.

When comparing the size with the hand, it looks like this. It seems to be imagining a green onion, but it is difficult to understand if it is so ... ....

The two upper and lower breads are in the shape of sandwiching milk cream and milk whipped, but the bread is soft and peeling easier.

The green part of the tip is tailored to like the tip of a green onion, but the scent has a sweet smell like Meronpan.

Milk cream and milk whipped inside.

The cross section looks something like this, the green part also has the same contents. Kobeya's "Milk france"It tastes the sweetness of reasonable cream with the texture of a soft dough with a taste like that. The green part is the taste of melonpan, which is a good accent, and it is also good to enjoy the change of taste.

It is in a state that keeps balance well by this. Milk cream and milk whip are fairly soft so there is a danger of scattering, so it seems to be difficult to swing around.

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