Newly launched lunch pack in summer "Melon soda flavor cream" taste review

Yamazaki bread"Packed lunches"To the series, limited to the summer"Melon soda flavor cream"I tried to eat it so quickly that a very different color bread appeared.

Yamazaki Bread: Packed Package

This is a package of "lunch pack melon soda flavor cream".

"I have sandwiched a refreshing melon soda-flavored cream," but is it true that melon soda will match bread?

There is a refreshing mark of summer only.

The smell of refreshing melon soda drifts at the moment of opening the bag.

I moved to a plate. Like the regular lunch pack series, the appearance is a form in which the cream is clogged in the bread from which the ear has been removed.

I cut it in half. I imagined a clear green color of melon soda, but it is a fairly pale cream.

Although I feel a slight incongruity to melon soda 's refreshing smell, when I try to eat it, the taste of cream itself is a whip cream with a slightly sweet taste, and the affinity with bread is not bad. People who want to eat cream buns with a rich texture of buns of lunch packs that seems to be rich looks nice.

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