I compared "Chocopai Ice" and "Ichigo Cranky Ice Bar" with the real thing

Previously introduced"Chocolate pie" or "Ichigo Cranky" with ice creamSince it was on sale, I bought it right away, but for some reason "Ramie Chocolate" could not be purchased because there was no ice nor chocolate. Is not it popular so much?

Details are as below.
First of all, from the picture of chocolate pie ice.

Compared to ordinary chocolate pie (left), it looks like this. Ice is considerably larger.

The thickness is completely different.

Contents is like this. Only white is ice cream.

Next is a strawberry cranky ice bar.

This is another appearance. The lower right one is ice cream.

The section is like this. Strawberry ice cream is tight.

I tried it at once, but the degree of completion is high in both of them. The chocolate pile ice creams are sandwiched with ice cream while keeping the fluffy feeling of Bosse and chocolate coating, and it delivers the deliciousness as ice while giving the same texture as chocolate pie. Because the layer of cream is thick, the sweetness of chocolate is suppressed, making it a refreshing finish making it easier to eat.

The strawberry Cranky Ice Bar has a crispy feeling with the surrounding chocolate and it has a strawberry taste with ice in it, but this is also good. Unlike chocolate sweets, because there is no strawberry powder in it, the acid taste is thin, but thanks to that, it seems that the flavor of plain chocolate cooked with freshly melting strawberry ice goes well.

I feel satisfied with both items, but I care about the ice version of Rummy that I could not afford this time because it was delicious. What kind of taste is it?

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