Try inserting things that you can not put in a microwave and try movie

This is a movie that I dare try to dare to say that I should not put it in a microwave oven. I put in four bulbs, aluminum foil, CD, boiled eggs.

The movie is from the following.
YouTube - Microwave Me

The CD when I put it in a microwave oven was introduced earlierCD placed on the Tesla coilIt's similar to. Boiled eggs are famous because there was a burst of laughter VTR that bursts at the moment when they tried to put it in their mouths on a TV program.

As you can see at the beginning of the movie, be sure not to imitate it. This notation, I am experimenting with is written as "professional fools". Certainly this may not be possible with a fair fool.

Here is a movie to insert soap and chin. It will expand more and more.
YouTube - Soap in the Microwave

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