I tried eating "Miku and Luka no Onion Tuna", "Zanghi Mayo Omuisubi" and "Miku's Negative Fried Rice" at a stroke

"Hatsune Miku 5th Anniversary Miku LOVES Famima ♪ Campaign", so a lot of food related to Hatsune Miku was lined up so I bought and tried it at once.

Family Mart is full of Miku!

◆ Miku and Luca's Negi Tuna (with egg) (140 yen including tax)

It is a rice ball that combines "Hatsune Miku = Onega" and "Megurine Ruka = ​​Tuna".

It stares at me with a bright eyed eye.

Tunaro processed goods can be added to raw materials, leek can be confirmed.

The energy per packaging is 187 calories.

Appearance is normal rice ball.

There is no taste and texture of onion, but I will taste the tuna that mellowed with egg yolk sauce. It is impressive that sweet rich sauce meets rice.

◆ Zanghi Mayo rice ball (130 yen including tax)

It is rice ball named after Hokkaido, the birthplace of Hatsune Miku, and in Hokkaido it is said to have become this name because it calls "Fried Fried" as "Zangi".

Raw materials include chicken tangle, mayo sauce, sweet vinegar etc.

Energy per packaging is 230 kcal.

It's about the size of the palm, and I want the cup noodles to accompany me at noon.

Mayo sauce and sweet vine Savory sweet pepper is familiar with chicken fat and goes well with rice. Good as much as tweeting without thinking "Mr. Miku" as expected.

◆ Miku's Negima fried rice (398 yen including tax)

Hatsune Miku's popular song "I will make fried rice!He said that he made motifs.

The onions are contained, but it is a bit disappointing that shrimp is not included.

656 kilocalories per meal.

When opening the lid it looks like this. Let's insist on existence with feeling good.

I will warm up a little by the range. The rice is flavored and the scent of the onions is high, too, "Ohh · · · ·!". Saltiness is working like a sauce of a green onion salted lunch box like a convenience store. But I guess they wanted shrimp after all.

◆ I started chilling (Chinese fish) (480 yen including tax)

Here is the statement that "I started chilling in the middle of the night" ......

Song of Miku Hatsune "I started chilling in the middle of the night.The title of "I started to chill in the chill" (Fumagure) ".

The ingredients include ham, kinshi egg, menma, shiitake mushroom, cucumber, carrots, red ginger.

The energy per meal is 497 kilocalories.

Equipment is like this. It is totally luxurious content that Mamoru Ruka ham from hue, cucumber to Hatsune Miku, egg to Kagamine Rin, Red Ginger as MEIKO.

Sesame sauce under the appliance.

First place a piece of equipment ......

Pour a lot of sesame paste. Since the noodles are hardened, I want to eat it by relaxing with a sesame dress firmly.

Good as a rice cake with noodles, goodness and goodness. Rice cracker is also sweet and moderate and has a taste and it is well organized without sacrificing the umami of the ingredients. It is rich in color with 6 kinds of items and this is recommended.

◆ Yakitori is Chicken Chicken Burger (260 yen including tax)

"Yakitori is KumaneBurger with a motif. You can enjoy the expression of two kinds of Hatsune Miku.

As you can see, the onions are indispensable as well. Mayon sauce with red pepper, seems to make chicken.

The energy per meal is 325 kilocalories.

It seems to be recommended to warm and eat, Chin with a little range.

done. The fragrance of a sweet sauce tickles the nostrils.

Inside the buns are full of chicken.

Below that are sauce with sauce.

Please do not spill plenty of sauce over chicken! Chicken is juicy, soft and has plenty of umami umami. In addition, sweet sauce also matches chicken, and when the flavor of fried egg goes to it, it becomes exquisite taste. It's a bit affordable, but it's a taste that makes me want to taste it again.

◆ Miku's vegetable salad (Miku basil dressing) (250 yen including tax)

Basil flavor works, green dressing which imagined Hatsune Miku is the point.

It contains 10 items of vegetables such as lettuce, cabbage, green leaf, mini tomato, pumpkin, and colorfulness is rich.

The energy per serving is 133 kcal.

When you open the lid you can see the dressing, but the grains that you see floating are basil. The drifting scent does not stop at all.

I made plenty of dressing. Vegetables themselves are not much different from other goods sold at convenience stores, but the rich flavor of basil in dressing makes it suitable for any vegetables. Although it is limited to 300,000 meals, this is also the taste that I want to eat again.

◆ Brioche (custard cream & custard whip) (126 yen including tax)

Song of Kagamine Rin · Kagamine Len "Evil ServantIt is a product that imagined the favorite of Princess Lilianne which appears in ".

"Today's snack ... ...", Brioche!

Raw materials include custard flour paste, custard whipped cream, almonds.

The energy per piece is 279 kcal.

Almonds are paralyzed on the surface of the dough.

There are two types of custard cream and custard whip, but it is not too sweet, and the size is also slightly hungry and perfect for a snack.

◆ Sugar Chocolate Waffle (126 yen including tax)

Hatsune Miku's popular song "Suger chocolate waffleIt is a product that imaged the image. There are two kinds of packages: 'Hatsune Miku riding a waffle', 'Hatsune kicking a waffle'.

Raw materials include chocolate flour paste, sugar, semi chocolate, cocoa powder and so on.

The energy per one (average 50 grams) is 230 kcal.

From the bag, it is like this.

The contents of the dough are layered, and it is a bit different from a common waffle and it makes it as a rice cake. It also feels like a snacky texture contrasting with the texture of the dough, enjoying the taste of chocolate along with these two textures. Taste that you want hot tea.

◆ Kite fruit soda ice (126 yen including tax)

Ice-like "KAITO"Ice with soda flavor that represents" blue "which is the image color of"

Pine, apples, oranges and ramune candy are included.

The energy per piece is 101 kcal.

Looks like "GarigariIt looks like a grain of fruits inside.

The taste of soda is slightly diluted, but the sweetness of fruits is felt well for that. However, I'm glad that a little more fruits are big.

After eating, this is a bonus.

◆ Potpipa Future Vegetable (200ml) (105 yen including tax)

This isOf 350 ml reviewed on August 13It became a paper pack.

Itoen's "Green vegetablesIt contains the same content as vegetables such as apples, grapes and other fruits, spinach, moroheiya.

The energy per one (200 milliliters) is 72 kcal.

There are also six types of packages in the paper pack version.

First type.

Second type.

Third type.

Fourth type.

Fifth kind.

Sixth type.

The taste is completely "green vegetables", and the flavor of vegetables and the sweetness of fruits are moderately mixed.

Currently available ones for food-related campaigns are "Hachibuchi Miku meatball"Hatsune Miku salt Yakisoba"Rim's Omnapolitan"Bread that looks like green onion (milk cream & milk whipped)"Potpipe Future Vegetable (350ml)Including this is all in this. In addition, "Baki meat like cup (Ichigo Jam & Milk Whip)" (120 yen including tax) will be released on Tuesday, August 21.

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