I tried to make a bowl with canned unagi "eel grilled meat" from Hamana Lake

This morning's Ox Monday is July 27 (Friday), this time I thought that I wanted to enjoy a different eel a little differently, but I found that the food of Hamana Hamana "Grilled eel"The price was super expensive 698 yen including tax. It is a preserved food containing canned eel with grilled eel, known as a eel like a poetShigetoshi SaitoThere seems to be an anecdotal that it has bought this canned anticipation that the eel can not be eaten during wartime. Because the expiration date of canned food is 3 years, when eel is rising and it is not known when it will not be able to eat, in view of recent circumstances, "If it is delicious, should I stockpile this like Saito Shigeru?" And inspiration , I decided to try it immediately.

It seems that eels from Lake Hamana are being used, it is domestic taste not imported goods.

Comparing the size with the iPhone it looks like this.

Because it is 279 kcal per 100 grams, it is about 307 kcal with 1 can (110 grams). Also, raw ingredients do not contain chemical seasonings, soy sauce, mirin, sugar and very simple.

It is like alcohol ate if you can open it like this.

My body is wrapped in paper, I feel a little luxury than canned ordinary.

The contents are 4 pieces in all.

Comparing the size with the iPhone, it looks like this.

The color is a good hue that was burned with soy sauce and mirin like normal grilled chicken.

It seems that the sauce is sticking firmly to the inside of the body.

Because it is cold as it is, I decide to warm it up a little.

Prepare cooked rice ......

Place the eel in it ......

If you hit a sauce ......

done. Because it is not freshly baked, you can not feel the smell of grilled oyster including charcoal smell, but still a wonderful eel bowl if it looks just like it.

There is no modest chewy texture while feeling fun when eating eels at shops, etc. It feels like Pasa Pasa. Eel unique to eel also fly too far, and I want a little more sense of comfort. Will it become like this when packing in cans as well? It feels like the general taste of "mackerel canned" and the taste of thick sauce precedes it.

If you still taste carefully it is certainly the taste of eel grilled meat, you can enjoy the taste sweet spicy sauce tasted firmly inside. Also, as you can easily eat with the instant Matsutake mushi soup or something like that, the atmosphere is such as it, "Although it does not seem to taste the eel, it is a mid-October Ox day and only the atmosphere ... ..." Perfect. The expiration date is also three years, so it looks good as a store when it comes to emergency.

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