What is the taste of "Pepsi Salty Watermelon" salt watermelon taste?

Speaking of Pepsi's seasonal products, cucumber flavored "Pepsi Ice Cucumber"Baobab taste that grows on the ground of Africa"Pepsi Baobab", A dizzying pink color"Pepsi pink"On past experiences, the appearance is intense, but the taste itself is an impression many like being honest and minded. Such Pepsi's seasonal limited items are "watermelon-themed"Pepsi Salty Watermelon"(140 yen tax included), July 24 (Tue) released. Although I found a soft drink of watermelon flavor, I tried drinking it immediately as to what kind of taste Pepsi will finish.

"Pepsi Salty Watermelon" seasonal limited release "Salt watermelon taste" red PEPSI emerges

Looking from the front like this, the color is like shiso juice rather than watermelon.

Apparently it is not just watermelon, it looks like salty watermelon. I am thrilled to think that I can taste the taste of sweet watermelon juice made with that salt.

However, when looking closely, fruit juice and a bit of clouds became suspicious.

It is such feeling when compared with "Pepsinex". Although a little "Pepsi Sorry Watermelon" seems to have less amount ... ...

The amount is 490 milliliters. The raw material is not artificial sweetener, but fructose glucose liquid sugar is used, and salt is also contained.

The energy per 100 milliliters is 42 kcal, which is about 206 kcal with this one.

The smell is a vegetable-like scent like cucumber, which is slightly different from watermelon.

Effort into throwing into the cup. Carbonic acid that can be played with shower.

It is somewhat different sweetness from watermelon. Following the memory of the taste of the watermelon that I ate a long time ago, I think that it tastes like when I ate the fruit pulp close to the skin of watermelon.

Salt is used for raw materials, but it does not feel like sweetness is complemented, and there is not too much to say. Moreover, it does not use artificial sweetener, it is a finished aftertaste which is comparatively refreshing.

If it is not while watching the package, "It is what taste?" It is a taste enough to become "what is this is watermelon, this is watermelon ... ..." while drinking while chanting in the mind It is effective.

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