``Iyemon Kaoru, Fruit'' is a combination of 5 types of fruit juice and green tea, and has a gorgeous fruity aroma, but the presence of green tea is almost non-existent.

From Suntory's green tea brand 'Iyemon', the fruit juice drink ' Iyemon Kaoru Fruit ' was released on November 28, 2023. It is a blend of five types of fruit, mainly white grapes, which have many common ingredients with green tea, and combines the sharpness of green tea with the taste and sweetness of a fruit juice drink. I was curious about whether 'green tea, a fruit juice drink' was actually sweet or bitter, so I actually tried it.

Iyemon Fragrant Fruit Product Information (Calories/Ingredients) Suntory


'Iemon Kaoru, Fruit' is a 525ml plastic bottle drink.

The package looks like a fruit juice drink, but the logo of the green tea brand 'Iyemon' is drawn on it. The fruit juice is less than 10%, and it is a blend of apples, white grapes, mandarin oranges, yuzu, and green tea.

The product name was 'Green tea with fruit juice (soft drink)'. Ingredients include sugar (domestic production), fruit juice (apple, grape, mandarin orange, peach), green tea (domestic production), yuzu peel, etc.

Calories are 32kcal per 100ml. Since the content of one bottle is 525ml, the calorie per bottle is 168kcal.

I poured it into a transparent cup. It has a gorgeous fruity scent.

The contents are a transparent, pale yellow liquid. The color is quite light for green tea.

When you actually drink ``Iyemon Kaoru, Fruit'', you can smell the aroma of fruits, especially apples, peaches, and white grapes. The sweetness is firm but not overpowering, and the aftertaste is refreshing as it fades quickly. I didn't particularly notice the scent of yuzu peel or green tea, or the bitterness that is typical of green tea, and the taste could be described as a simple, refreshing fruit juice. An editorial staff member who sampled the product commented, ``I don't usually like regular fruit tea because the fruit scent and tea flavor mix together, but this one doesn't bother me so I can drink it.''

“Iyemon Kaoru, Fruit” will be available for purchase nationwide from November 28, 2023. The suggested retail price is 160 yen excluding tax. It is also available on Amazon.co.jp, and at the time of article creation, you can purchase a set of 24 bottles for 2907 yen including tax.

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