Microsoft's 1 million unit investigation reveals that laptop computers are harder to break than desktop PCs


When we analyzed the data sent by Windows error reporting system, we found that laptop PCs have lower hardware failure rates than desktop PCs. Besides this, the analysis results are diverse, and there are interesting results such as whether the lifetime will last longer if you run the CPU normally or overclocking, or what happens if you underclock the other way.

(PDF file) Cycles, Cells and Platters: An Empirical Analysis of Hardware Failures on a Million Consumer PCs

Microsoft analyzes over a million PC failures, results shatter enthusiast myths | ExtremeTech

In "Comparison between desktop PC and laptop computer", in order to eliminate the influence of other factors, we omitted the PC overclocking the CPU and the no-branded PC and extracted the data. The cumulative CPU time (TACT, the total value of the time when the process used the CPU) was 35% longer on the desktop PC than the notebook PC on average, so it has a result with 30 days of TACT data.

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as a result,Laptop PC has lower hardware failure rateI got the result. Here is a table that summarizes the results easily. Desktop PCs have higher incidence rates than laptop PCs, regardless of CPU related (CPU subsystem, machine exception error), DRAM (memory) related, or disk related patterns.

Since it is assumed that carrying notebook PCs in bags and carrying them, it is making to protect the internal structure from shocks, so Microsoft is more robust than that of desktop PC, I have concluded. There is no report on how the mounted HDD and SSD will change.

Besides this, the report clearly shows the following.

◆ Overclocking the CPU increases the failure rate


To use the CPU as it is,OverclockingIn comparison with using it, the overclocked machine increases the failure rate. Also, once a hardware failure occurs, hardware failure will reoccur on 97% of machines within one month.

In addition to CPU errors, overclocking CPUs have higher failure rates for memory-related and disk-related problems as well.

◆ Fault occurrence rate decreases when underclocking the CPU


Contrary to saying "overclocking" to raise the operating clock number of the CPU beyond the rating, lowering the rating to "Underclock"It's called. Although it is expected to be quiet and reduce the life of the system by reducing power consumption and calorific value, it is reported that the failure rate decreases in underclocked machines to support this.

◆ Brand PC has a slightly lower failure rate than no-branded PC

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Brand PC made by major manufacturers such as DELL, Hewlett-Packard, Sony,White boxCompared with the no-branded PC called private brand PC, the failure rate slightly lower for brand PC. Looking at the table, although there is a big difference in the memory, the failure rate is the same for the disk related.

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