I find a bug that System freezes with Intel's Skylake processor with complex calculation program execution

The sixth generation Intel Core processor "SkylakeA series of bugs were found to freeze when executing a complicated calculation program on the CPU of the series.

Intel Skylake bug causes PCs to freeze during complex workloads | Ars Technica UK

Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search (GIMPS), Found that the CPU of "Skylake" series contains a bug that freezes when executing a complicated calculation program and notified Intel that Intel officially acknowledged the existence of the bugArs Technica UKIt reports.

According to GIMPS, benchmark software that executes programs to calculate Mersenne prime numbersPrime 95"There is a danger that the system will freeze when using it. In response to this report Intel has identified the existence of bugs and has already completed a patch to fix bugs and it seems that bugs are expected to be fixed through BIOS update by motherboard makers.

The detailed contents of this bug that the Skylake series CPU freezes due to program execution has not been clarified, but we know that this bug itself affects both Windows and Linux systems. The bug is confirmed only when "Prime95" is used so far, but as it is a phenomenon due to complicated calculation program execution, there is a possibility that it affects industries that execute complex calculation workflow such as scientific research and financial institutions Has been pointed out.

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