Microsoft is calling for deletion due to an error that occurs after Windows Update

"Windows Update" delivered on April 10There is a case that a system error occurs due to the problem of the update program (2823324) for correcting the problem "The privilege is promoted due to the vulnerability of the kernel mode driver" We are calling for the removal of updates to be made.

KB 2839011 Released to Address Security Bulletin Update Issue - MSRC - Site Home - TechNet Blogs

The problem has been released on April 10, Windows Update to fix the problem of security information MS 13 - 036 "vulnerability of kernel mode driver causing elevation of privilege (2829996)"KB 2823324Update.

According to Microsoft, the system error has occurred in some of the users who applied this program, and the corresponding program has been deleted from Windows Update now. Errors appear to occur when combined with certain third-party software, and it does not cause data loss even if it occurs, and it is not caused to all users, but at Microsoft, this update We are calling for the deletion.

Details of the error are here.

After installing the security update for 2823324, Windows 7 displays Event ID 55 or Stop 0xc000021a error.

To check if you applied this update, from the "Programs and Features" of the control panel, click "Display Installed Updates" on the left menu.

Then, since the update applied so far is displayed in the list, check whether "KB 2823324" exists. If it is uninstall it is OK. Also, since it has already been removed from Windows Update, there is no fear of installing people who are planning to apply from now without automatic update.

The editing department also finds the machine containing "KB 2823324"

Because uninstallation requires reboot ......

When rebooting, KB 2823324 disappears from the list.

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