"Doc Scrubber" free software that can erase the creator information etc. of Word file all at once by one shot

When not wanting to share information internally but want to disclose information to the outside, it is easy to eliminate hidden information (creator, company, etc.) recorded in Word's .doc fileDoc Scrubber"is. Installation and operation method is as follows.

Doc Scrubber

If you click on "Delete properties and personal information" at the bottom left of the "Details" tab of "Property", you can delete the information of Word file to some extent.

This is the property of the deleted Word file. However, if you look closely, information such as "content creation date and time" and "last saved date and time" has not disappeared.

However, if free software "Doc Scrubber" is used, the portion that normally can not be deleted is deleted like this, "revision number" becomes the initial value 1, "content creation date and time" is rewritten to the time of deletion execution I will.

◆ Installation

Click "Download Doc Scrubber 1.2" on the above site.

Launch the downloaded installer.

Click "Next".

Please check and click "Next".

Click "Next".

Click "Next".

Click "Next".

Click "Install".

◆ How to use

To check hidden information of .doc file, click "Analyze".

Select the file from "Browse" and click "Next".

Then you can see the hidden information of the .doc file.

To delete the hidden information of the .doc file, click "Scrub".

I want to erase / change the hidden information of one .doc file to try and overwrite the original file, so check the first and fourth from the top and click "Next". It is also possible to delete hidden information of all the .doc files contained in the folder at once.

Select the file from "Browse for files" and click "Next".

Check the information you want to erase, check the information you want to change, enter the change contents and click "Next".

Information has been erased / changed.

The .doc file which actually deleted / changed part of the hidden information actually looks like this.

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