Sharp and Semiconductor Energy Laboratories jointly develop IGZO liquid crystal new technology capable of low power consumption and high definition of smart display

Sharp and Semiconductor Energy Laboratories have jointly developed a new technology that makes it possible to achieve even higher definition and lower power consumption of liquid crystal displays for mobile devices such as smartphones, and to realize higher performance touch panels.

As a result of this, it is expected that new products will come out that the power consumption is lower than before, despite the tremendous high resolution liquid crystal, as a result the battery will have more.

Sharp and Semiconductor Energy Laboratories Develop New Oxide Semiconductor Technology to Innovate Display | News Releases: Sharp

This is a prototype 4.9-inch liquid crystal display for smartphones. The resolution is 720 × 1280, the pixel density is 302 ppi.

And this is the prototype 6.1 type liquid crystal display for mobile equipment, the resolution is 2560 × 1600, the pixel density is 498 ppi. As you can see it becomes an enlarged image clicking, it is very high definition.

The next is a prototype 3.4 type organic EL display (flexible type). The resolution is 540 × 960, the pixel density is 326 ppi.

Furthermore, this is a 13.5-inch organic EL display (white OLED + RGB color filter), the resolution has reached 3840 × 2160 (QFHD), and the pixel density is also 326 ppi.

IGZO jointly developed this time is an oxide semiconductor made of In (indium), Ga (gallium), Zn (zinc) with crystallinity. The current IGZO is said to be able to realize further miniaturization and high performance of thin film transistor and to be expected to be adopted for liquid crystal display for mobile devices such as smartphones with high definition, It seems that it can be applied.

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