Sony developed 56K type organic EL television supporting 4K, prototype exhibited at CES for reference

Sony has developed the world's first "56-inch 4K compatible organic EL television"2013 International CES (International Home Appliance Show)Announced that it will exhibit a prototype as reference.

Sony Japan | News Releases | World's First / World's Largest "56 Type 4K Compatible Organic EL Television" Developed

Organic EL televisions, which are expected as next-generation displays following liquid crystal televisions and plasma televisions, use low-temperature polysilicon TFTs to cause the organic EL layers to emit light, and there was a problem in enlarging the screen themselves .

In Sony this problem is solved by using oxide semiconductor (IGZO) TFT. Together with adopting a super top emission method that can efficiently extract light from the organic EL layer, combined with adopting a super top emission method in the element structure, it has become possible to develop image expression power of high contrast, high brightness, high speed moving image response performance, wide viewing angle, It was realized with 4K resolution display.

Speaking of Sony, the world's first manufacturer of organic EL televisions was released in December 2007.

Sony released the world's first organic EL television, the thinness is 3mm - GIGAZINE

Although the performance of the organic EL television "XEL-1" was very high, the price was high, such as making about 200,000 yen even though the screen size was 11 inches, and digital appliances without browse restriction function by the "harmful site regulation method" In March 2010 we withdrew from domestic sales in part because we can not ship.

Sony made the world's first organic EL television, withdrawing from domestic sales - GIGAZINE

Although it can not be said that domestic organic EL televisions are popular, sales of monitors for broadcasting and business use are done. Sony continues to research and develop manufacturing technology and next-generation organic EL technology for large-sized products, and this model is part of the results, and will continue to develop continuously for commercialization and commercialization It is said that it will go.

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