Panasonic starts mass-producing low price and large Organic EL TV in three years

Last December Sony released world's first Organic EL display. But the size as small as 11 inches and the high price of 20000 yen(about 1858 dollars) was the bottleneck of the diffusion.

Japanese newspaper Sankei revealed that leading electronics manufacturer Panasonic is now planning to launch the mass large-sized and cheap organic EL display. A good news for those looking for high quality image.

Details are as follows.
(Japanese)FujiSankei Business i.

According to the article, Panasonic is scheduling mass-production of organic EL televisions in three years.

They will set a production line at their newly built factory in Himeji, Hyogo. It is also said that IPS Alpha plant which pooled with Hitachi will hold the production line too.The price will be the middle 100000 yen(about 929 dollars) mark.

There are still technical difficulties in both developing and mass-producing Organic EL display. Let's just hope for another good news.

This article was originally posted in Japanese at 11:36 june 24, 2008.

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