Canon abandons commercialization of next-generation display "SED", can not compete with liquid crystal or plasma TV

We began research and development in 1986, began joint development with Toshiba in 1999, the next-generation display aiming to mass produce for the 2008 Beijing Olympic GamesSED (Surface conduction electron-emitting device display)However, we announced that Canon abandoned its commercialization.

This will result in the disappearance of one of the competing horses of LCD TVs and plasma TVs.

Details are as below. (Asahi Shimbun): Canon to abandon its next-generation panel SED businessization - business and economy

SED TV release, Canon abandon: News: Net & Digital: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)

Canon to abandon SED commercialization - Development subsidiary "SED" also dissolved at the end of September - International Business Times (IBTimes)

According to these reports, Canon abandons commercialization of the next-generation thin type display "SED" and announced that it will also dissolve the development subsidiary "SED" wholly owned by the end of September.

SED is superior in color vividness and processing of fast moving pictures, has high image quality and low power consumption, it was expected as a next-generation display against liquid crystal and plasma television, but competition among TV makers The price of the display plummeted as intensified, and it was judged that securing profitability was difficult.

Although the SED has been developing independently by Canon in recent years as a result of Toshiba's repeated elimination from release due to high production cost and patent lawsuits and the like, Toshiba has been developing itself independently, but in future it will shift engineers to Canon itself In addition, it is said that we will continue research and development of business models such as medical use.

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