Sharp is committed to smartphones and production of 5-inch Full HD LCD panel with the world's highest pixel density started production

Started production of 5-inch full HD (1080 × 1920 dot) liquid crystal panel that realized the world's highest pixel density for smartphones at the Mie 3rd Plant from the end of September, Sharp to start full-scale production from October Announced.

Produces the world's highest pixel density for smartphones 5-inch full HD LCD panel begins production | News Release: Sharp

This liquid crystal panel realizes the same number of pixels as the general full high vision liquid crystal television with the screen size of the smartphone by adopting CG silicon technology, innovation of new pixel design and production process etc. Compared to the conventional 4.3-inch HD (1280 x 720 dots, 342 ppi) liquid crystal panel, it can display at a pixel density of about 1.3 times, so it is possible to display smooth character display, clear map display, full HD video with full reality It is going to be.

Specially it is as follows.

◆ Specifications of liquid crystal panel
Screen size: 5 type
Number of pixels: 1080 × 1920 (full HD)
Pixel density: 443 ppi
Use: Smartphone

When it says 5 inch size, the new model of docomo's summer "Optimus Vu L-06DAlthough it was exactly that, since the resolution was "768 × 1024" and it was a 5 inch · 4: 3 ratio, it seems that the sharp spots of this time are liquid crystal panels of something new models that will come out in the future.

In addition, it is said that HTC is developing and the unpublished smartphone is equipped with a 5-inch screen and the resolution becomes 1920 × 1080,Nexus 5"Is not it announced as? WhenExpectationIt is being done.

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