I shot the real thing of the world's highest pixel density exceeding the iPhone 5, full HD LCD panel for Sharp's smartphone

Sharp started production of a 5-inch full HD (1080 × 1920 dot) display that realized the world's highest pixel density as a 5-inch display for smartphones. The real thing is done in Makuhari Messe "CEATEC JAPANI was shooting it because it was exhibited in.

Produces the world's highest pixel density for smartphones 5-inch full HD LCD panel begins production | News Release: Sharp

Sharp's booth where the exhibition is held is like this.

A 5 inch full HD display for smartphones was exhibited small in the corner of the booth.

"FHD" and a thin font show that it is a full-HD display quietly.

This is a real 5-inch full HD display.

Even when trying to enlarge to the size of the tip of the nail, the resolution is so high that the dot is inconspicuous at all.

When I display the map, it looks like this. Since the touch operation was not possible in this exhibition, the operation feeling such as reaction speed is unknown.

When text is displayed, it becomes as follows.

Seen from an oblique side.

As an impression seen with the naked eye, it looks like a photograph or a picture postcard printed on glossy paper, the grain coarseness is not felt and the image is clearly seen so as to forget to look at the screen.

Because the viewing angle is wide, one person can have a smartphone and you can see clearly the photos etc even in situations where two people peek at each one from both sides.

When another display is displayed in the vertical position, it looks like this.

Since the pixel density of the display is 443 ppi, "IPhone 5"High definition display of 117 dots per square inch (about 2.54 cm) per side than the 326 ppi Retina display installed in" is possible.

The enlarged picture of the bullfighter 's shoulder part in the above photo is as follows. Please note that the images shot at the site are JPEG compressed, so the display you saw with the naked eye is more clear than the photos on this page.

According to the company, since it can display with a pixel density of about 1.3 times compared with a general liquid crystal panel, smooth character display, clear map display, full HD video with full reality can be displayed. Please note that this display means that full-scale mass production will begin in October 2012, so the day when a smartphone equipped with a 5-inch full HD screen will be on the market should be near.

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