The world's first "transparent organic EL display" for mobile phones has appeared, mass production started already

"OLED" with high performance such as high brightness, wide viewing angle, high speed responsiveness, low power consumption as a display of mobile phones and mobile devices has attracted attention for a long time but mainly the main display It is the world's first "Transparent organic EL display"Was developed and mass production began.

Details are as below.
Press Release [About development and mass production of see-through type high definition organic EL display] | Press release | Corporate information | TDK Corporation

According to the press release of TDK, we developed the world's first see-through type organic EL display "UEL 476" for mobile devices such as the main panel of mobile phones, and started mass production from March.

In the organic EL display developed this time, one of the driving methods for driving the pixels for each line by configuring the electrode lines in the vertical direction and the horizontal direction like a net and one of the driving methods for causing the organic EL element to emit light "passive matrix Drive method "adopted 2.4 inch QVGA (320 × 240) model realized luminance of 40% transmittance and 150 cd / m 2.

Furthermore, unlike the liquid crystal in which the response speed decreases in a low temperature environment because there is no color misregistration due to the same brightness lifetime of each color of R, G, and B adopting the color filter system, the operating temperature range is -20 ° to 85 °, the temperature characteristic It is also excellent.

This is the organic EL display "UEL 476" where the other side can be seen through. Although it is see-through, it adopts a structure which makes it difficult for the display content to be seen from the back of the display. Although it is said that it is being mass-produced at the pace of 10,000 sheets per month since March 2011, what kind of model will it be mounted on ...?

Although it seems that some size is not enough to be adopted for smartphones, it is also thought that the possibility of realizing a model full of near-future feeling such as "a touch panel equipped smartphone over there can be seen over there" It is a place I want to watch over the future.

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