Hitachi Develops Liquid Crystal Display of Mobile Phone that realized the world's highest resolution

It is a liquid crystal display of a cellular phone that continues high resolution from "QVGA" of 320 × 240 to "VGA" of 640 × 480, and "full wide VGA" of 854 × 480, but it is the world's best It turned out that liquid crystal display realizing resolution appeared.

Details are as below.
High-definition liquid crystal panel for portable use, Hitachi also produces in 10 years

According to the Nihon Keizai Shimbun news report, Hitachi Displays Co., Ltd., which is engaged in liquid crystal displays and other companies at Hitachi Group companies, has developed a display for mobile phones realizing the world's highest resolution.

This corresponds to the fact that opportunities to watch one-segment broadcast on the mobile and use the Internet are increasing, resolution is 960 × 540.

By the way, currently equipped with the world's highest resolution liquid crystal display as a mobile phone is Sharp terminal made by SoftBank Mobile equipped with 1024 × 480 half XGA liquid crystal "931 SHThe liquid crystal display developed by Hitachi Display this time will be slightly closed at the vertical resolution, but it seems that the total of vertical and horizontal resolutions will exceed.

In addition, since we have started sample shipment to mobile phone makers already in April and it is said that they will start production in early 2010, there seems to be possibility to be installed in the winter model announced by each company at the end of the year.

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