"Marudukku scramble" to live-action filming in Hollywood, "time sand king" also

The live-action cinematizing right of Mr. Ichiro Ogawa's novel "King of Time Sand" is handed down by Dentsu and Hayakawa Shobo in the movie "Transformers" seriesDon MurphyProducer and "Shitem Up"Michael DavisI understood that it was brought to the director. At the same time, Davis announced that he will receive production and supervision of Okata Dense's novel "Mardock Scramble". Two science fiction novels in Japan are going to be filmized in Hollywood.

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Ogawa Kazuyoshi's novel "When the king of sand"Was published in 2007. It is a grand science fiction novel that crosses every moment of warriors fighting to preserve the possibility of the future that humanity does not become extinct from its existence and the existence of a mystery that makes human race perish.

Murphy producer described the story of love between "messenger of the hour of sands" and the queen of the past era (Himikoshi) from the future, has a unique and scale feeling and a huge possibility I told you to feel it. Currently"Captain Planet"In addition, in his recent work he was responsible for producing" Real Steel "and earnings of 300 million dollars (about 23.7 billion yen).

Mr. Ogawa says on his Twitter "Events in the direction of Hayakawa are totally transmitted all the time, so the size of things and information disclosure codes etc can not be felt well at the author level."Only tweet that this fact is on the net.

By the way, at the same time, it is mentioned that Davis agreed to supervise and produce "Maruduk scramble" at the same time.

Mardock ScrambleOkata Ding's novel whose "First Compression Compression" was published in 2003. Three stories in which Rune Ballot, who was about to be murdered for a plan, will follow Shell's crime that saved his life to Ufukoc and Dr. Easter in charge of delegation cases and pursued himself to kill himself Has been published. Besides this, there are three Mardock Velocities which are the second part, Mardock Fragments of short edition, and the next part, Mardock Anonymous, is scheduled to be published.

It is a popular work and in 2006GONZOPlanned OVA as a commemoration work of the 15th anniversary of the foundation but this plan was canceled and again it is decided to make a movie in trilogy from 2010. In November 2010 "Mardock · scramble compressionIn September 2011, "Mardock · scramble burning"Has been released.

However, the fact that a company gets the live-action cinema right is a rare case where the story goes on to Ton Tonsen, which was reported in 2009"Cowboy bebop" starring Keanu Reeves starring live-action film,That "Full Metal Panic!" Is a live-action film in HollywoodThere are things such as what happened to the production itself, such as. Also, even if it is manufactured"DRAGONBALL EVOLUTION" that was supposed to have made the Dragon Ball real live but became a completely different thingThere are cases like, so it is a place where you can not be relieved as a fan until you see things that worked properly.

By the way, there was an initial report of the realization of live - action films in 2003,A live-action movie version "Evangelion" that turned out to be in production at the stage of 2010 but is still under constructionIt is almost two years since the previous news, but what happened? In the autumn of this year "Evangelion New Theatrical Version: QI'm planning to release it ... ....

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