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Softbank Mobile · WILLCOM new product launch "2012 Summer" was held at the Prince Park Tower Tokyo B2F Convention Hall from 11 o'clock today. The review article summary of each model is at the end.

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This year's keyword is network. Also in recent years, smartphone has become a smartphone flower to the extent that it is not mobile unless it is a smartphone, but I believe that this pioneer in Japan of Softbank is SOFTBANK. The partnership with Apple has become a major first step, but now that the smartphone has arrived. I am proud of driving this boom, but the biggest challenge in the SOFTBANK Group is the link of the network. In addition to the ease of network connection, the problem that new emphasis is now on smartphone is the connection speed. The two major satisfaction items of the network, the ease of connection, and the speed at the smartphone, these two are important keys, but SOFTBANK is focusing particularly on this network at the 2012 summer recital

Although it is speed point, I've been working on WiFi, ULTRA SPEED, SOFTBANK 4G in every way. In addition to that it is easy to connect, but we have tripled the base station in the past three years. To that end, we do not add home femtocells, but we have provided it for free at home. Although it focused on ease of connection, it is also confirmed that Platinum Band will be licensed to SOFTBANK in February this year, Platinum band will be in service from July 25 this year.

Although the base station is not completed at the same time on the day at all on the day, it starts from here, but we are building a base station at a speed not considered normal, we are doing triple the quadruple times. Before officially obtaining licenses and approvals, it is natural that we should come to us, taking risks ahead of the ordering of the equipment, there was no confirmation anywhere, how to be able to construct with vertical upright That is why I devoted all my energy to it. To this platinum band we say that Softbank's national character, we are addressing the whole company by saying that it will make it easy to connect.

Docomo and au used it and I was feeling frustrated. Finally I got permission from the platinum band of my hopes, so I will improve my breath at once by hitting the thought of a senior year.
I will tell it again. IPhone can only receive radio waves of 2.1 Ghz, this is an international band so it is obviously included in the iPhone. However, it has been used for many years for mobile phones from other companies for around 10 years ago, but by saying that this platinum band will come to us, the range where the radio waves will suddenly triple It is said to increase to. Even with the same number of base stations it means that the reach of radio waves spread at once. In addition to having the range of radio waves spread three times, up to now, 2.1 GHz has the characteristic that the rectilinear propagation of radio waves is strong and it hits when it hit a building, but since the platinum band is sticky, the building Even if there is, we went around the building and it also entered the building window of the building shadow. Of course thick walls are hard to penetrate radio waves, but radio waves come around even behind the building and come in even from the window on the far side, so it is said that the radio waves will become much easier to connect even in the building. The reason why SOFTBANK was inferior was that the technical capability was not inferior to the effort and not having the radio wave of this platinum band had become a big handicap, saying that I got this time is I can no longer make excuses. With this, Equal Footing, I'm working on the idea that I will make sure to reach the radio, surely willing to do

It is between the big city center buildings where the city center buildings are lined up, Ginza, Shinjuku, Shibuya. Even in such a place, radio waves are much easier to reach. In addition, as we got down the stairs at the entrance of the subway, SOFTBANK radio waves were often sinking near the entrance, but it will be much easier to reach from now on. Or in the suburbs. It will be much easier to reach the other side of the mountain, the valley place, the shadow of the forest, even in these suburbs. Softbank connects everywhere. We are aiming to connect SOFTBANK radio waves at any time, I want to increase base stations step by step and dispel our image. I will definitely do it.

This is our biggest keyword, all model of summer announcement is Platinum band correspondence. It will take more than a year to prepare the terminal, so if you absolutely want the platinum band, the chip will be wasted, base station orders will be wasted. Still it is saying that we wanted to deliver the benefits of the platinum band to our customers as soon as possible, saying that we started the platinum band-compatible chip and antenna under the water in all models. I hope to deliver it as quickly as possible at any rate.


It is said that AQUOS PHONE WX SH - 106 SH is a model that incorporates the best features, but this double X and the best features are packed. Platinum band correspondence, Ultra speed correspondence, downward maximum 42 Mbps. Although we first expanded Japan's broadband, we will share it at the speed of one base station compared to that, but with a really wonderful speed, this kind of feature was installed. We will correspond to the platinum band. Platinum band, for example, docomo's rival LTE service has already started, Xi.

What area is currently serviced by LTE is covered in this brown area such as Minato-ku, this is the area that is served by docomo's Xi. Almost 99% of it is a service area of ​​37.5 Mbps. Just a few indoor and limited places are faster than this, but Xi is basically 37.5 Mbps. On the other hand our ultra speed Xx is covered with light blue, it is said to be covered much faster. The important thing is speed and area. Even with next-generation high-speed communication, it is said that it is preparing for a long time immediately after announcing that it is service in, but it is supposed that the high-speed communication service area overtakes other companies at a stroke and expands a wide service area I will.

In addition plus 4.7 inch HD LCD, it is really beautiful picture quality. Moreover, power saving, it is compatible with this. Super CG silicon liquid crystal, clean large screen liquid crystal can be realized.

"Arrows A 101 F"

It is my first collaboration with Mr. Fujitsu to be out for Softbank. Trading with Fujitsu was not actually SOFTBANK MOBILE, but for the first time an alliance has been established. Handling of Arrows series sold, A (Ace), SoftBank also started handling. Other companies also have, Arrows Ace of Softbank, which is faster and has a larger service area. Dispensing the image that it is hard to connect, Platinum band is also installed. Also equipped with a smart fingerprint sensor with a switch. It has a fingerprint sensor on the back side, it touches it and slides, then it is supposed that the screen will wake up. Since this is an individual's fingerprint sensor, security is enhanced beyond the password. Of course, it is emerging in the platinum band and Ultra Speed. The strongest and fastest.

"AQUOS PHONE 102SHⅡ", 4.5 inch HD liquid crystal, waterproof dustproof, optical image stabilization, 12.1 megapixel cameras saying that it is just another fully equipped smartphone. All the specifications of Japanese preference such as 1 seg, infrared rays, Osaifu-Keitai etc. are also installed.

In addition to that, in addition to smartphones saying not to be outraged, not everyone is a smartphone, so this time, there are also platinum bands installed. A new model of 12.1 megapixel CMOS camera is newly added.

Furthermore, color life, what comes out from the color of Panasonic, what developed SOFTBANK independently. And simple mobile, this is also equipped with platinum band.

That is a summary. All summer models, this means that they have a platinum band on board. We aim to steadily advance with the aim of SOFTBANK radio waves reachable anytime and anywhere. The feeling of PR to have a platinum band is strongly intense.

Brother 'Platinum'
Pronunciation is good, "Platinum"
Brother "a powerful helper, a wild man"

Sugi appeared

Photo session

SoftBank 4G, this is it. ULTRA W-Fi 4G. There was the fastest downlink maximum of 110 Mbps in history, and 42 Mbps in the previous time in smartphone, but the fastest can be realized with this pocket WiFi. Now you can speed up your smartphone as well. Up to 10 units can be connected simultaneously. Batteries can be used twice as long as conventional, up to 7.5 hours continuous use. It also supports SoftBank's Wi-Fi spot. About how fast the speed is, the au + WiMAX is 40 Mbps, Xi is 37.5 Mbps, the speed is about 3 times faster, it is the fastest in the dunts.

In addition, 110 Mbps covers 100% of ordinance-designated cities nationwide during this fiscal year. At the same time with the announcement the area will spread at a stretch.

In addition, this model (102Z), a cheaper version, 76 Mbps. This will also be 4G Wi-Fi, but also popular in women's handbags 76 Mbps size will be put out. These two models come out as being the fastest SoftBank 4G ever. I would like you to enjoy overwhelming speed.

It is how you enjoy it, but I also want to strengthen content services at once. It is a new service "sports LIFE" for smartphones. I have a sports game everyday, but I am looking forward to the sports news at night, but as our team may end up in just 5 seconds it may come to mind , I want to deliver it for smartphone so that you can see highlights plenty for about 3 minutes. Baseball, J League, overseas football, fighting sports, monthly course of 350 yen per month I want to deliver it one after the other in summer. I think there is very much in SoftBank. We deliver by editing original.

We are already offering it as a movie LIFE, but I'd like to expand it to evolve it at once. As to how to evolve, I want to add sports, comedy, variety, music, we have offered animation etc until now, but strengthen. Enhance this as a movie LIFE. How awesome this is, au's video pass is 3000, we are far more than DoCoMo's 54,000 title, industry's overwhelming No. 1. I want to overcome the competition by having a communication speed of overwhelming No. 1 and the number of contents being overwhelming No. 1.


WILLCOM joined our company last year. DIGNO DUAL (WX 04 K) is this first memorable work as to how the coalesce is coming.
WILLCOM originally has good sound quality and features that it is easy to connect even in the event of a disaster. In the sense of communication speed it was totally behind other companies. SoftBank's industry's fastest ULTRA SPEED, SoftBank communication network is in this smartphone. Wilcom 's strengths such as voice calls, cheaper PHS, etc. Both goodness merged into one. SoftBank data communication and WILLCOM voice call with one unit. Cheap and talk all the time. In addition to calling on SoftBank mobile phones, we also announced a new menu called "FREE FREQUENCY" talking to any business operator / user regardless of who plays on docomo, au's mobile phone or NTT fixed phone, and it revives.

In addition to WILLCOM 's unrestricted talk - free service, a combined version of smaho that solves the weakness of speed at a stroke and makes good use of both. This will be released from WILLCOM. First achievement in the SB group.

Sharp's PANTONE series also comes with PHS version, for seniors as well

When entering SOFTBANK, the price became attractive, the CM was also strengthened, and the communication came out in a form combined with SoftBank communication. A new CM has also been made.

"PANTONE 5 107 SH"

PANTONE 5, SoftBank's PANTONE series is a classic big selling best. Up to 3.4 million units have been sold so far, it is almost impossible for only one model to sell this for iPhone. So that's why SoftBank did it in the world for the full color, but this eventually evolved into a smartphone. Nowadays, everyone is a woman and the elderly has come to smash for all, but the time has come for smarter, but the most comprehensible and cute and various people, young people, old people, both women and men are widely accepted I finally evolved this PANTONE series into a smartphone.

Of course this has a platinum band installed. Eight color colors, easy to hold familiar to the hands of women. The screen is quite large. Easy to hold and easy to use PANTONE smartphone, waterproof dustproof, even 1 seg is included, infrared and Osaifu-Keitai are also included, full color features of all Japanese entered.

This is definitely sold. I thought about the price system and surely finished it to sell. The box is also cute. In this way, Ueto Aya is a box that I do not want to throw away. There was also a box like a cardboard box that tends to pull out the tie, but it is a colorful box with a feeling of our thoughts.

The CM movies that were screened when "I can not read it because of the circumstances of the rights" is this

About the world 's first smartphone with radiation measurement function.

Finally. I have been very happy to announce various new products, but there are things we have to announce another one by all means. There was an unprecedented sad and painful earthquake. My view of life has changed. I wonder what life is, human beings, I was made to think that people's kindness is what it is. It has not been solved yet, it is currently in progress form. I believe that so many people are worried that the threat of radiation caused by this nuclear accident is invisible. In particular, I think that my mind will be tightened when thinking of mothers who have children.

I got a lot of requests from Twitter right after the disaster. How can I protect my child from radioactivity, please wear a Geiger counter on my cell phone, please develop it, I want an earthquake bulletin, but I want a more radiance measurement function. When requests are made on Twitter, I often answer "I will do it" about what I wanted to do, but I declare my determination, but I can not simply answer this function just to do it. It is obvious that it is difficult, but it became cautious from the desire to discourage a lot of everyone when it was not possible.

But it was finally done. The world's first smartphone with radiation measurement function.

Until now it is a large dedicated measuring machine, it will cost tens of thousands of yen, but it is hard to carry around with this every day. Big, heavy, bulky. Even everyday it seems to be seen by strange people as being a nervous person. That makes it possible to mount it on this smartphone.

This was very difficult. Sensor radiation is detected with a photodiode. There is a photodiode sensor here, and in general, various circuits become large because it is necessary to attach around the power source, noise removal, temperature, etc. This time, we developed our own solo. I am in my chest pocket now, is not it? This small thing is the real thing, but it has evolved into this module. We have independently developed IC chips. For the world's first smartphone with radiation measurement function. There are two photodiode sensors, but I placed other parts in one chip and put it in this module. It is very small.

We will develop this, we will calibrate all of that module, actually. Total number inspection at cesium 137. Measurement calibration of mass production can not be done. The proofreading is included in this mobile phone.

And one button departure. It is one touch because it is difficult to use experimental ones and scientist's ones. I attached a special button. If you hold it down for a long time, the measurement will start with that alone.

Measurement results are displayed automatically. One measurement after the measurement is completed. In addition to displaying, not only with ordinary such measuring instruments, only numbers appear, but we record where we were and what numbers, which is also quite troublesome, but by making full use of the unique strengths of smaho, Plot. Where did you measure and what was it. A child can go to school, go to school from home to school, measure all this and record when it was when you measured it. Go to the park, measure it at the baseball ground. Going to excursion or going on a trip, it is automatically recorded on the map. All such functions are newly developed. It was made possible by joint development of SoftBank and Sharp.

Actually start demonstration from here.

Do a demo of smartphone "PANTONE 5 107SH" with radiation measurement function Mr. Masayoshi Son - YouTube

Press the button. Measurement has started. Yes, the measurement result has come out. I only touch it with one finger, it ends with that. It flashes on the map. You are out here. You can use the measurement function with a single button, and automatic plotting on the map. It means that you can take your child to the excursion with great peace of mind, school club activities, school roads, well-played parks, all in peace of mind.

This is a SoftBank unique smartphone with a measurement function that I made with my strong thought, made through my unfortunate nuclear accident and wanting to offer even a little relief to everyone. Actually, this PANTONE smartphone that SoftBank is putting the most emphasis, introduced to Ueto Aya earlier. I devoted my radiation measurement function to my mother's peace of mind without being concerned with smartpho carried around every day in my daily life.

Easy to hold with one hand, smartphone with one hand. One-segment, infrared and Osaifu-Keitai also included smartphones. I would like to disseminate the fee structure with a special fee structure with a thought that is really pleasing to many customers. I would like to widely use it for many mothers, husbands who have children, family, and students.

So I would like to summarize the story of today.

This year's announcement of SoftBank, all new models in summer, including all PANTONE smartphones now announced, all models correspond to the platinum band.

ULTRA SPEED, Softbank 4G sticking to the highest speed. It was said to be a hard-to-connect mobile phone until now, a platinum band that dispels it with a single shot, and the fastest 4G.

Furthermore, the model of WILLCOM that entered the group, consequently the combined version, SoftBank network and WILLCOM fee structure.

2012 summer of 2012 with our thought, 12 models 50 colors, this is today's announcement.

I will be willing to do it and I would like to continue the business to provide joy to many customers even one person.

◆ Q & A
Kaneko Nikkei:
It means that the network frequency band has expanded and the speed has become faster, but is the way of thinking for tethering as before or is it lifting?

Masayoshi Son:
Although we are studying, other companies are struggling with network congestion. As the network becomes more and more crowded as smartphones become more popular, how to deal with the tethering problem is a difficult problem and is under consideration.

Misumi Nikkei:
Is it about radiation measurement with a smartphone, does it comply with things like national standards?

There are industry standards, but we are doing various tests conforming to that.

Free Inoue:
About PANTONE 5 with measurement function. As for the measurement of radiation, accurate values ​​will not come unless it is calibrated periodically, but what do you think?

Since at least one item is calibrated and a dedicated IC chip is also mounted, we think that it is OK to some extent. For real professional, there are plenty of equipment in the world that will cost hundreds of thousands of yen, so if you want to see the decimal point 4 digits 5 digits up to now, SOFTBANK Group is developing other such things. This is absolutely enlarged and consumes batteries, so it costs so much, so I think that it is not suitable for carrying around everyday. Because the fact that commercially available measuring instruments are to be used all the time after shipment, ours is the same.

Free Kamio:
I've been working hard on the iPhone since long ago, but what is the ratio of the current iPhone to Android? PANTONE will also become a smartphone, how do you think the sales ratio of iPhone and Android will change in the summer sales battle?

We have not commented on the ratio in the past, its policy will not change in future. I thought that the iPhone will come out from other companies and take out the share, but we have a high share among iPhones. This is the mainstay will not change for the foreseeable future. However, there are customers who demand various functions in the world, so we have various things as a product selection. However, it was not only just but also what included SoftBank-like features, so I announced in this form.

Mobile data bank:
I showed ULTRA SPEED graphics etc, but since summer is all that platinum band is included, how long will it move in the platinum band on the 25th of July?

In the stage of July 25 it gradually starts up. Since it has various problems such as consistency with other networks when launching at a stretch, it gradually starts up taking care not to defeat the whole. In the first week, I think base stations are on the order of hundreds, but from that point on they rise steadily and steadily. In the stage until December it will be in the upper thousands. At the end of the fiscal year, next March will be in the order of 10,000. The base station deployment speed is scheduled to rise vertically at a stretch to about four times that which has been generally told. At least, other companies have also submitted application documents for the acquisition of the 900 MHz platinum band, but I remember that we were four times faster than the plan. We will spread it all at once at an unexpected speed in the industry. July 25th Not everything will stand on that day, I want to understand that there is no misunderstanding.

Mobile data bank:
The order of deployment is Tomei Osaka? Or do you test somewhere?

Tomei Osaka, of course, is an emphasis area, but it is actually the case to make it in parallel across the country.

Free Yamaguchi:
For Windows Phone, I think that I released the terminal in February this year, but is there a possibility to release terminals like Win Phones 7, 7.5 and the next Windows Phone 8 in the future?

For the future we will not comment fundamentally so policy so no comment

Free Hidaka:
SoftBank 4G, but from October it will be greatly slowed down when using 5 GB. Although it is said that contents are also fulfilling at a stroke at a stroke more quickly than other companies, if it is a cap at a lower level than other companies, I think that user satisfaction can not be obtained, but will the band limit from October be left as it is?

While judging while looking at the situation, I think you know that the whole network is getting late as a result of smart traffic by other companies basically. It is serious to strengthen the degree of restriction later, it will be difficult to later stretch at the beginning, because it can lead to an unsatisfactory situation, carefully looking at the situation. Some, only 1% 2% users are using overwhelming volumes. About 3% of users use 33% ~ half as much as they actually are, and 97% people become cramped networks. We carefully look at the situation, including whether the policy of being too biased to some people is really true.

Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun Saito:
It was the purpose of introducing a special rate system to PANTONE, but what is it specifically? If only PANTONE, what is its aim?

Although I will refrain from comment on the fee structure part, I would like to deliver to a large number of customers even to a single customer even to one mother seeking peace of mind, as it is from the past. I am studying with that kind of thought. I would like to announce concrete things just before launch.

Free Inoue:
At the time of radiation measurement, is it possible to measure social share with Android?

Measurement is a standard way of measuring from the ground surface is the standard way, but depending on the person we measure it by sticking to the ground or there is a danger of being mixed, so the variation due to the person measured when socializing with information social It is under consideration, including what it might be a ramification damage or a problem. The first thing is to start saving what you measured for yourself. In the near future, as we said, we can consider social share if we set a solution for managing variability of measurement by people. First of all, I want to start for myself to prevent variations.

Softbank Mobile New Product Presentation 2012 Summer | SOFTBANK MOBILE

New product launch "2012 Summer" | SOFTBANK MOBILE Corp.

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Also, on Facebook, "New Product Presentation Live Repeating Quiz Campaign" is carried out.

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