Entire waterproof dustproof smartphone "AQUOS PHONE Xx (Double X) 106SH" Haste Review, Osaifu-Keitai + One Seg + Infrared + GPS

It is scheduled to be released from the beginning of July 2012 and is scheduled to be released by Sharp Corporation, up to 42 Mbps downlink "ULTRA SPEED" compatible, "S-CGSilicon Liquid Crystal System" to realize energy saving and "SV Engine 3" to reproduce natural colors 4.7 Inch HD (1280 x 720) LCD mounted, 1.5 GHz dual core CPU "MSM 8260 A" loaded, "Platinum Band" compatible fully waterproof dustproof smartphone "AQUOS PHONE Xx (double X) 106SH"At the venue of the Softbank Mobile 2012 summer presentation.

In addition, Sharp original touch control tuning technology "direct tracking" mounted, about two times brighter and sharper display compared with the conventional display and power saving by backlight control processing etc. are compatible, By incorporating a memory in the liquid crystal, When the still image such as a picture is displayed, the image transfer of the CPU can be stopped, and high energy-saving performance is realized in the whole system. In addition, it has a high capacity battery of 1900 mAh, "Platinum band (900 MHz band)" compatible, IPX 5 / IPX 7 equivalent waterproof performance and IP 5 X equivalent dustproof performance.

Furthermore, adopted "gradation edge glass" which raised the strength with processing technology to carefully polish the glass, edge cut and multicoating treatment to the front panel, it gives a luxurious feeling by the reflection of light depending on the viewing angle like a prism Designed, the main camera has a back illuminated CMOS camera with 12.1 million effective pixels, and the image processing engine "ProPix" realizes high-definition images with less noise and high color reproducibility. Moreover, it is said that it supports "high-speed startup" which activates the camera in only about 0.4 seconds of the industry's fastest class, and high-sensitivity shooting by HDR (high dynamic range) composition.

State of the venue

"Double X" characters stand out conspicuously

"AQUOS PHONE Xx (double X) 106SH" discovered

Music-like function has a strong atmosphere

Smart Familink

"Dolby Mobile v3" also installed

The main body


Osaifu-Keitai Mark at the bottom of the back

Rear upper camera

Upper part





Switch part

Terminal part

Where the lid on the back is opened

home screen

Phone screen

Character input


In addition, duralumin case is also available separately.

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