Entire high-spec waterproof dustproof smartphone "ARROWS A 101F" Haste review, One Seg + Infrared + Osaifu-Keitai + GPS etc

It is scheduled to be on sale from the end of July 2012 and is scheduled to be released Fujitsu Mobile Communications, 4.3-inch organic EL "NEW AMOLED plus" display waterproof, supports up to 42 Mbps "ULTRA SPEED" and "Platinum Band" 1.5 GHz dual core CPU Also equipped with "MSM 8960", backside illuminated CMOS sensor "Exmor R for mobile" and 13.1 megapixel high-definition camera adopting "Milbeaut Mobile" realizing full HD movie shooting with high sensitivity and low noise Of "ARROWS A (Ace) 101 F"is.

"Intelli color" that detects the ambient light and adjusts the color of the display, judging whether or not you have the phone in your hand from the tilt and tremor, and preventing "disappearance" "Super clear voice 3" which makes it easier to hear the other party's voice even in the crowd, "Super double microphone" which makes clear calls by suppressing noise by sensing ambient noises Various kinds of comfortable calls Hidden information on the "smart fingerprint sensor" with a switch that enables the on / off and unlocking of the screen with a simple operation of a single finger and the phone book / call history information on the designated person "Privacy mode" that can be used, security features that can use smartphones with confidence such as lockable functions for each application are also carried.

As usual very popular ARROWS

Ultra high spec because it is a flagship model

Smart smart fingerprint sensor installed

This is the real thing

I feel like this in my hand





Various sensors and cameras on the back

Terminal part


Hard key

Where to make a phone call

It is like this when opening it with a spur

Text input software keyboard

It looks like this in color

Browser operation



It is almost like this.

How to use the fingerprint sensor is like this.

Entire high-spec waterproof dustproof smart head "ARROWS A 101F" smart fingerprint sensor - YouTube

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