4.5 inches HD LCD + 12.1 million pixel camera "AQUOS PHONE 102SHⅡ" haste photo review

Android smartphone equipped with 4.5 inch HD liquid crystal and 12.1 megapixel camera, compatible with "ULTRA SPEED" with downlink maximum of 21 Mbps "AQUOS PHONE 102SH II"Was on display at the venue of the Softbank Mobile 2012 summer presentation, so I took it.

The appearance of the booth looks like this.

It corresponds to communication using the same "platinum band (900 MHz band)" as docomo and au, and solves the difficulty of connection which is said to be a weak point of Softbank.

The color variation is three colors of pink, black, white.

The appearance of the terminal looks like this.

It is about this size when you hold it with the hand of an adult man.

The matte black on the back.

Equipped with a large screen of 4.5 inches of 1280 x 720 dots (16.77 million color display).


Upper part


Because it is a waterproof terminal, the USB port has a cover with packing.

Equipped with 12.1 million pixel camera with optical image stabilizer. Movie shooting of full HD (1920 × 1080 dots) is also possible.

Since the volume and the power button are comparatively small, it is oriented to the nail.

The antenna used when watching 1 Seg extends with this feeling.

Hardware buttons are menu, home, back from the left.

Panel for entering telephone number As follows.

Since the screen is large, there is also room for displaying the software keyboard.

I showed GIGAZINE.

If it is landscape it will be like this.

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