A majority of PC users use pirated software, total damage is 5 trillion yen

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57% of people who are majority of PC users are experienced using software that was not purchased legitimatelyBusiness Software Alliance surveyIt turned out. The amount of damage will total 63.4 billion dollars (about 5.1 trillion yen) in 2011 total.

57 percent of PC owners have pirated software, says study - Neowin

According to the 9th Annual Business Report of the Business Software Alliance (BSA), the number of users who use pirated software for paid software is 57% of the total PC users, and the total damage is 2010 Was about 58.8 billion dollars (about 4.7 trillion yen), but it increased to $ 63.4 billion (about 5 trillion yen) in 2011.


Damages are expanding due to the spread of emerging markets, especially illegal software in China has been deployed on the scale of $ 9 billion (about 720 billion yen), overwhelming less than 3 billion dollars (about 240 billion yen) of legal software In fact, 77% of the software market is pirated. With these circumstances, money used by software for general users in China is less than one quarter of the other markets for $ 8.89 (about 714 yen). By the amount of money, the biggest damage is the US $ 9.8 billion (about 790 billion yen), followed by China in the second place, Japan is 1.9 billion dollars (about 150 billion yen), the 10th Rank.

Of course, the OS also suffered damage.


On the other hand, the percentage of illegal copies is 42% worldwide. The most illegal copy rate was 92% of Zimbabwe. In the United States where the damage amount of pirated software was the largest, it is low 19% in piracy rate. In Japan, 21% is the third lowest value in the survey.

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