Keyboard "Brydge" to change the iPad stylishly like a MacBook quickly

The iPad keyboard is "Brydge" which makes it like a MacBook. The main body is made of aluminum, it uses a special patent hinge (hinge), so it is possible to open the screen 180 degrees. For a bit or softly, Brydge's movie with a strong structure that can not be removed from the iPad is from the following.

Brydge + iPad: Do more. By Brad Leong - Kickstarter

Brydge: Shake Test - Vimeo

It just looks like a MacBook.

In this way you can open the screen 180 degrees.

Even if you shake it

Even if I shake it, shake it ...

Even if you shake it upside down it will not come off the iPad.

Below is a movie depicting life with Brydge.

Brydge - Vimeo

I will install Brydge on my iPad like this

Brydge can be used immediately by plugging it into the iPad

It can be opened like a notebook PC

A speaker is also attached to the top of the keyboard

On the go or

Even when I want to study while taking work breaks

I can hit a crack and a keyboard

Operate with touch panel

Try to dance to the music flowing from the stereo speakers

Play the DVD

Try making a good atmosphere on a date

Easy to carry if you plug the iPad into Brydge

Good lady

It's okay to bring it like this

When connected with a family away from Skype etc.

Even if both hands are occupied, it's okay.

The iPad with Brydge is thin like the MacBook.

I received an iPad from my colleague

Let's get it to Brydge

It is possible to use the keyboard after selecting Brydge Keyboard

Expands the possibilities of iPad according to various situations

This is a project called "ToasterFridge", "KickstarterWhat is made by recruiting investment in the site called " It is now one more step to the target amount. The price is 210 dollars (about 17000 yen).

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