"Imitone" which can output melody in real time to DTM software just by singing

Making music To create a melody with DTM software, you need a MIDI keyboard and electric guitar besides typing notes with the mouse. With making songs of such software, you can sing a melody that is perfect for a person who says "I can somewhat came up with melodies, but instrumental performance ... a bit ..." without a keyboard, real time It makes it possible to output songs to DTM software with "Imitone"is.

Imitone: Mind to Melody by Evan Balster - Kickstarter

You can see how you sing in "imitone" to create a violin melody from the following movie.

Imitone: Voice to Violin - YouTube

When a man says "Tata Tatter" with bass and "Perper" with treble, the violin from PC software is played in real time.

Even if you whistle, you can hear the performance as treble violin, and the songs are converted to melodies with little delay.

You can tell by seeing the following movie what it is like and how such things can be done.

The woman is heading to the desk while humming.

A seated woman opened a PC ... ...

Attached headphones with microphone.

"Imitone" was started from the dashboard.

Preparation is completed by just this ... ....

The woman started singing with treble.

Then the imitone keyboard that I started up reacts. MIDI in real time to match the songGarageBand, And the violin tone is ringing at the same pitch at the same time as the song.

Although the producer Evan Blaster could sing a song, because he had no time to practice musical instruments, he thought of imitone's idea as thinking "Can you make melody with song?"

If you have a nice melody that you heard as a dream when you wake up in the morning, you can use it like recording it as a melody simply by singing in a clear memory.

How to use, first launch imitone ......

Next, if you launch DTM software you are using, such as GarageBand, imitone will be recognized as a software controller.

When the software starts, when you start singing with headphones with a microphone ... ....

You can create melodies of instruments specified by software in real time and you can create tracks more and more just by singing.

In addition, in the movie below you can see how you are manipulating imitone by playing instruments.

Imitone - Glitch Accordion - YouTube

If you play a accordion with a microphone you can use it like a MIDI keyboard, you can see that it has a wide range of operability.

Imitone's compatible OS is Windows XP or higher, Mac OS X 64-bit 10.6 or higher, Linux. Specification of PC is dual core CPU · RAM 1 GB, GPU compatible with OpenGL 2.0, microphone more than laptop quality is required. In addition, the functions installed in imitone are as follows.
· Volume control
· Vibrato detection
· Pitch Bend / Glide Control
· MIDI output by hardware (instrument etc.)
· Importing audio files
· Export MIDI file

In addition, Kickstarter's project already collects investment exceeding the target amount, so it is sure to commercialize it. If you invest 25 dollars (about 2500 yen) you can get one beta version of "imitone". In addition, if you invest 60 dollars (about 6100 yen), you will be able to invest in "tone color control" "multichannel control" "polyphonic pitch detection" "tuning" "noise canceling" "full fine adjustment analysis" "advanced data visualization" It is possible to get the beta version of the professional "imitone prime" with added functionality.

The beta version of imitone will be available for download around May 2014, imitone prime is scheduled for around July, the deadline for investment is Japan time at 1:36 am on Friday, April 11, 2014 It is up to minutes.

Imitone: Mind to Melody by Evan Balster - Kickstarter

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