"IBand" to play together with Nintendo DS and iPhone

A movie playing together using Nintendo DS and two iPhones like a musical instrument. Originally it was just a mobile device, so I thought that the idea was interesting, but I thought that the songs themselves were subtle, but when I looked at it I could hear the beautiful sounds I heard unexpectedly.

The ensemble movie is from the following.YouTube - iBand

For the ensemble, various sounds can be output by touching the software for Nintendo DS "Electroplankton"And make the iPhone a pianoIAno"IPhone can be used like a guitar"PocketGuitar"We use software such as. The movie producer of this time will continue to issue various songs from now on.

It is easy to understand what "iAno" and "PocketGuitar" look like in the movie below.

"Demo movie of" iAno ".
YouTube - iAno

"PocketGuitar" demo movie.
YouTube - PocketGuitar - A Virtual iPhone - iPod Touch Guitar

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