I tried using the keyboard "Brydge +" that makes the iPad like a MacBook

Several Bluetooth keyboards on the iPad have been released, but we had been recruiting equity funds in Kickstarter beforeKeyboard "Brydge" to change the iPad stylishly like a MacBook quicklySince it was commercialized, I actually got it and tried it.

The Brydge

"Brydge +"Is an aluminum body, you can choose from two types with keyboard only type and speaker. This time Brydge + with speaker type, polycarbonate body with a default low price version with speaker "BrydgeGet two of.

A description of the item is written on the back.

Immediately opened from Brydge +.

I took out contents.

Contents are Brydge body, hinge (hinge) rubber sim for iPad (3rd generation) · iPad (4th generation) from the left, sticker for hinge, USB cable for charging.

The main body is very similar in design to the lower half of the MacBook.

The back is like this

Wake the hinge to dock the iPad (4th generation). In addition, since the early rubber sim is for iPad 2, it is necessary to exchange it when using iPad (3rd generation) · iPad (4th generation).

If you raised both hinges, install the iPad (4 th generation). Since it tightly holds the iPad, it seems that it will not be removed immediately after it is pushed in.

Dock the iPad (4th generation). It looks like an instant just like a MacBook.

I ordered it with MacBook Air.

When you fold it you will see that the iPad is visible because you can see the mounting part.

On the right side are a power switch and mini-USB port for charging.

The height at the time of folding was just about overlapping two iPads.

I brought it in my hand. It seems to be easier to carry than iPad alone so that you can grasp it securely.

The weight of Brydge + alone is 533 g, and when it is combined with the iPad (4 th generation), it becomes 1184 g and about 1.2 kg.

It can open up to 180 degrees, even at this angle it is balanced and it will not collapse. The connection part of the iPad is made of rubber and there is little power to remove it.

You can check how much it is difficult for Brydge and iPad to disengage from the following movie.

I tried swinging iPad with Brydge - YouTube

It is like this when charging a charging cord. Once fully charged, it can be used for only a few months if it is just a keyboard, but charging seems to be full when shipped.

Because the keyboard is US array, there are differences such as small enter key, but looks pretty much a MacBook keyboard.

The top row is a function key that can be used on the iPad, for example, it is possible to switch between Japanese and alphabet with the key of the earth icon around the middle of the top row.

The leftmost key is the home button key.

Speakers are installed at the top of the keyboard.

To set Bluetooth pairing, first switch on the power switch on the right side. Then the LED will light blue, and if it turns off after a few seconds it is ready.

Next, tap "Settings" app

Tap "Bluetooth" and switch to "ON".

Simultaneously click "control" and "K" on the keyboard.

Tap "Brydge Keyboard" to be displayed.

Enter pairing code.

This completes the pairing setup.

Next, to pair the speakers, press and hold "Ctrl" and "B" at the same time.

Then, "Brydge Speaker" is detected, so tap and tap "pairing".

The speaker setting is completed with this. In addition, in order to suppress battery consumption in the start guide, we recommend pairing ON only when using the speaker.

The feeling of hitting the keyboard is slightly firmer with crackling but the character input is clearly different from tablet input in that it can be easily copied and pasted.

Brydge made from polycarbonate also has the same contents but color only as black.

The touch of polycarbonate feels a little bit rougher than aluminum.

I tried installing the white iPad (4th generation), but somehow it was like an old word processor.

In order to attach the black color iPad (4th generation) according to the color of Brydge, we also exchange rubber shims here.

Removed the rubber shim attached from the original.

Next peel off the protective seal of the replacement rubber shim bonded part taken out from the bag.

Fit the rubber shim to fit the shape of the hinge with an adhesive seal.

Also stick the hinge sticker according to the color of the iPad.

After sticking the seal according to the shape of the hinge ......

Rotate the hinge and paste where the finger can not reach neatly. You are ready.

I tried installing the iPad (4th generation). Because it is black, it's no longer MacBook and it looks like a netbook.

You can see that it is a perfect fit.

The weight of Brydge alone is 541 g.

Combined with the iPad (4 th generation), it is 1182 g. It is about 10 g heavier than Brydge + but it does not feel the difference even if you take it.

If you insert iPad mini, you can use it as a Bluetooth keyboard with a stand because the width is enough.

However, since the body of the iPad mini is thin, there is a gap and it can not be fixed.

Brydge not only makes the iPad like a MacBook style, but also has a solid keyboard and speakers and is highly stable, so if you have one iPad user, the level of tablet life seems to rise one level further.

The price of aluminum Brydge + is 169.99 dollars (about 17,000 yen), and polycarbonate Brydge is 99.99 dollars (about 10,000 yen). Shipping outside the United States requires a separate $ 35.

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