The server of Wikileaks is accepting a bid at the net auction

The secret documents of the US military on the war in Iraq, including many confidential documents on the net, opened up trembling power from all over the worldWikileaks (WikiLeaks)The server is currently being exhibited on the US auction site eBay.

Wikileaks Primary Web Server A Dell PowerEdge R410 Server | eBay

WikiLeaks made its name in the world by publishing a secret document on the US Iraq war in 2010. Physical server at that time that released the confidential document of the Iraq war to the world "Wikileaks web server"Will be auctioned on eBay.

This is Wikileaks web server.

The seller is Sweden's oldest independent Internet service provider (ISP), famous for having a traditional style of not giving up to the power to regulate freedom of expressionBanhof. WikiLeaks signed an Internet service agreement with Banhof, he said he was renting the server that was exhibited this time.

The server is located in the secret base Thule Brunkow Ridge data center in Stockholm center.

An exhibit is a set of physical servers in a complete state including a server chassis as well as a motherboard and a hard disk, and can be used immediately by connecting the power cable. Unfortunately, the data in the hard disk has been rewritten multiple times by DoD 5220.22-M which is the Department of Defense standard, so it is impossible to restore it. The rack server model is "Dell Poweredge R 410"Has become.

According to Banhof's CEO John Carlang, "The server is a wiki leaks only item that has never been used by any other client at least once,Julian AssangiAttached with his signed sales contract, Banhof guarantees that it is genuine. "

Is the "WL" seal a proof that it is a wiki leaks exclusive item?

The profit earned by the auction is a nonprofit organization that is committed to freedom of expression and protection of the Internet privacy right "Reporters Without Borders"When"5"As of the writing of the article, the highest bid price is 9,100 dollars (about 900,000 yen). The bidding deadline is 05:15 on September 13, 2013, Japan time.

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