I tried installing a special type cover for the lightweight, compact, and easy-to-carry Microsoft genuine 2in1 notebook PC 'Surface Go 4'

Microsoft's genuine 2-in-1 notebook PC ' Surface Go 4 ' announced on September 21, 2023 can be used as a tablet, but it also allows typing with a keyboard and operation with a trackpad like a notebook PC. A dedicated ' Surface Go Type Cover ' is on sale. This time, following the battery measurement of the Surface Go 4, I attached the type cover and checked the feel of the device.

Surface Go Type Cover – Microsoft Surface


The package of Surface Go Type Cover looks like this.

Inside was the Surface Go type cover body and instruction manual.

The size of the type cover is 190mm long x 248mm wide x 4.6mm thick.

The actual weight is 243g.

On the top is a magnet for connecting with Surface Go.

The key pitch is 14.5mm.

The key stroke is 2mm.

The front side of the touchpad has left-click and right-click buttons that function similarly to mouse buttons, and also supports

touchpad gestures .

The parts other than the keys and touchpad are made of a material called '

Alcantara ', which has a distinctive suede-like smooth texture .

To connect with Surface Go 4, just bring the magnet on the bottom of Surface Go 4 and the magnet on the top of the type cover close together.

The type cover was connected with a click sound. Once connected, keyboard input and touchpad operations on Surface Go 4 will automatically become possible.

Weight when connected to Surface Go 4 is 765g. The weight of the box used to place it on the scale has been subtracted properly.

Surface Go 4 automatically enters sleep mode when you close the Type Cover. When you open it again, the standby screen will be displayed.

The video below shows how I tried typing on the keyboard with the Type Cover attached. The typing sound is relatively quiet, with a dull sound when you type forcefully.

The typing sound of the Microsoft Surface Go dedicated type cover is like this - YouTube

The keyboard also has a backlight that can be adjusted in 3 levels.

Surface Go Type Cover can be purchased on

Microsoft's official website and is also sold on Amazon.co.jp, priced at 11,640 yen including tax.

Amazon.co.jp: Microsoft Surface Go Type Cover Black KCM-00043: Computers/Peripherals

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