Started the "Amazon Certified Purchaser" mark that lets you know if you really bought it on Amazon reviews

The customer review displayed at the bottom of each item of Amazon until now can be written even if you did not actually buy the product, but from today"Amazon Certified Purchaser" MarkIt was introduced. If this mark is attached, it is understood that the person who wrote this review really bought the product.

What is "Amazon Certified Purchaser"?

The following explanations are displayed on Amazon.

What is "Amazon Certified Purchaser"?

If the product review is marked as "Amazon Certified Purchaser", it means that the customer who wrote the review purchased the item on You can mark this as a review only if we can verify that the item was purchased on Customers who have read reviews of Amazon Certified Purchasers can use this information to decide which reviews were most useful in purchasing decisions.

Even if the review does not have the "Amazon Certified Purchaser" mark, it does not mean that the reviewer is not using the product. We just could not confirm that the product was purchased on Amazon. It seems that they had the opportunity to purchase the goods elsewhere or use it somewhere. If there is any way to verify that the reviewer tried the product, we have confirmed that. The mark of Amazon Certified Review provides another step forward for judging the quality and relevance of product reviews.

How can I mark my review "Amazon Certified Purchaser"?

When writing a new review, you have the opportunity to mark your review as Amazon Certified Purchaser. If we can not confirm whether you purchased items at Amazon, the check box will not be displayed.

If you've written a review about items purchased on Amazon before, and you want to mark Amazon Certified Purchaser, you can edit the existing review and the check box of Amazon Certified Purchaser It shows. Checking the checkbox and saving the review will immediately display your review as marked with Amazon Certified Purchaser. In addition, you can use the corresponding checkboxes when editing or creating a review to mark all of your past reviews of products purchased from Amazon with Amazon certified buyers.

Books actually purchased (Iceman) To check from 'Write Product Review'. First click.

Then it says "Please label this review so that customers understand that you bought this item at Amazon" at the bottom of the review, it will be activated if you check it.

As it seems in the preview, it seems to be displayed like this. Surely it is indicated as "Buy checked by Amazon".

It is important to know how the "quality" of Amazon's customer review will change in the future.

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