"Read later" "Pocket" starts the test of inserting article type advertisement

A variety of articles on the Internet can be saved with a single button, and services that can be read later are called "PocketThree years have passed since the start of the service, and 22 million users have stored more than 2 billion articles and movies on Pocket so far. In order for such Pocket to grow as a business in the future, I will reveal the official blog that I will start testing ad insertion within a few weeks.

Building Pocket for the Future «Pocket Blog

Pocket says to build services as a "business" as an indispensable part of future growth. The first phase is a paid member of Pocket which started in 2014 "Pocket Premium"This is a service that can use features such as" permanent storage library "," strong search "," recommended tag ", which can not be used for free service at 500 yen / month. Pocket is considering expanding services that lead to such "income", and we are clarifying that we will start a new experimental service in a few weeks.

A service which can be said to be the second stage of this Pocket business plan is "to display sponsors' posts from time to time in Pocket". In other words, advertisements of article type will be added from time to time among articles saved in Pocket. The ad insertion test is scheduled to start on a small scale, and it seems that it will show what will fit the following conditions.

·High quality
Because Pocket is a place to store high-quality content, sponsored posts (advertisements) are no exception. The aim of Pocket is to stir up interests such as reading and movie viewing by mixing contents of advertisements and sponsors more naturally into the experience of Pocket users.

It seems that sponsors' posts, that is, advertisements are marked so that they clearly understand what is different from other articles.

· Depends on user's feedback
We start testing to display sponsors' posts, but Pocket seems to pay particular attention to "how users feel about them". So when advertisements are displayed and you have the impression of "good" or "bad", I'd like you to contact me at [email protected]@getpocket.com without hesitation.

· User can control
If users do not like advertisements, they can hide them and send feedback to Pocket. Furthermore, if you want to hide all advertisements, it will become possible to hide all advertisements in the future if you become a paid service Pocket Premium member.

· Protection of privacy
The user's data is protected by the Pocket side, and the sponsor can not access information such as what kind of article the user saved in Pocket.

Pocket says, "We need to continue growing not only as a service but also as a company, but our philosophy of" making something loved by people "or" respecting users "is one We are going to proceed with the advertisement display service very carefully "and promises to advance the ad insertion test carefully so as not to damage the user's experience to the last.

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