Paid plan of the service "Instapaper" to read later for free

A service that saves various articles such as news sites and blogs on the web and allows them to "read it later" even when offline "Instapaper"Is a pay planInstapaper PremiumAnnounced that anyone can make it available for free.

Instapaper Premium is now free for everyone

Instapaper is a service that you can use for free, but in order to use all functions you had to subscribe to a pay plan called Instapaper Premium. Instapaper Premium's membership fee was 3 dollars a month (about 300 yen) or 30 dollars a year (about 3000 yen), but Instapaper has all of the features of Instapaper Premium that was provided as a paid plan in the official blog in the future I will reveal that it will be free to use.

The functions that could only be used with Instapaper Premium are as follows.

· Hide ads
· Full text search available for all articles
· Unlimited use of memo
· Speech conversion of text and creation of playlist
· Unlimited use of speed reading function
· It is possible to send articles from bookmarklets and mobile applications to Kindle
· Up to 50 articles Kindle Digests

Existing Instapaper Premium users can get refunds depending on the remaining state of the plan. In addition, Instapaper says that "Free (free) opening of Premium is what we wanted to do for all the time" about freeing a toll plan, but this was made possible by being acquired by PinterestNews reportThere is also.

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