YouTube is not considering ads on videos We are planning to introduce paid plan

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Instead of being a YouTube movie free, ads may appear before playing. Movie creator can earn money by advertisement, YouTube pays over $ 1 billion (about 100 billion yen) to the rights holder of Content ID, but YouTube does not display any advertisement for a fee It is clear on the Wall Street Journal that we are reviewing the plan.

YouTube Ready to Eliminate Ads

Wall Street Journal'sBrian FitzgeraldAccording to the information he received from the head of YouTube, YouTube is considering several paid plans, one of which contains "Advertisement non-display plan". Until now, YouTube has earned advertisement revenue by displaying advertisements, taking a business model of securing content by distributing it to the rights holders of the movie.

If a paid plan is introduced, it will greatly change the existing YouTube business model and it will have a big influence on the creator of the movie that earns advertisement revenue from YouTube, but like Netflix or Hulu By collecting a fixed flat fee it will be an idea against media with a business model that delivers TV dramas and movies.

Also, YouTubeNon-advertised paid music streaming planWe are announcing the service offering, but YouTube CEO · Susan WojcickiCode / MobileAt the conference,Paid streaming plan is about to comeIn addition,Half of YouTube watching devices are smartphones and tabletsIt is announced that it is occupied. Mr. Wojcicki, who was originally the SVP of the Google advertising division, has assumed office as CEO of YouTube since February 2014 and reorganization of YouTube is underway by Mr. Wojcicki. In addition, GIGAZINE is also a pair from earlier last yearDeploy monthly and annual plans to eliminate advertisements for a feeThen, just before the last official meeting on October 26, the situation will be released soon in order.

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