Adobe sells AI-powered stock photos

Adobe's service `` Adobe Stock '', which sells many royalty-free images, has revealed a policy to accept images from artists who newly use generative AI and sell them in the same way as other images.

Amplifying human creativity: Adobe Stock defines new guidelines for content made with generative AI | Adobe Blog

Exclusive: Adobe will sell AI-made stock images

On December 5, 2022, Sarah Casillas, Senior Director of Content at Adobe Stock, introduced Adobe Stock's new guidelines for generative AI. According to the guidelines, Adobe Stock will apply the same policy to AI-generated content as other content and will be provided under the same license terms as other content.

However, Adobe requires AI-generated content to be labeled 'AI' to clarify its origin. Additionally, we prohibit the submission of prompted-generated content based on third-party content, such as references to people, places, property, or artist styles without proper authorization.

Regarding content generated by AI, there are many issues such as where the copyright belongs and whether the copyright of the images used as training datasets can be

protected . While the number of services that prohibit posting of AI-generated content is increasing , Shutterstock, a major stock photo site, recognizes AI content and has revealed that it will proceed with the construction of a mechanism to pay rewards to the authors of learning source materials. . Adobe plans to allow contributors to earn royalties for AI-generated content, just like they do for other content.

“Early generative AI technology has raised questions about its proper use. Generative AI harnesses the incredible power of machine learning to generate ideas faster by using words, sketches and gestures to expand images. It's a big leap forward for creators, and I think a big company like Adobe will be able to integrate AI in the right way. I think it comes down to having the ability to use these tools and engage with the community.'

The Q & A site of Adobe Stock also has items about AI-generated content.

Royalty details for Adobe Stock contributors

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