Getty Images prohibits uploading and selling images generated by image generation AI ``Stable Diffusion'', ``Midjourney'', ``DALL-E'', etc., due to concerns that users may face legal risks

Getty Images , a major stock photo that distributes data materials such as photos, images, movies, and music via the Internet, is afraid of copyright infringement problems, and image generation AI such as 'Stable Diffusion', 'Midjourney', and 'DALL-E' Announced that uploading and selling generated images is prohibited.

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Getty Images' decision to ban the uploading and sale of images generated using image generation AI, including Stable Diffusion, follows decisions by platforms such as Newgrounds , PurplePort and Dogpatch Press . However, it can be said that Getty Images is the largest scale platform among 'content platforms that distribute user-generated images' that made similar decisions.

Craig Peter, CEO of Getty Images, told the overseas media The Verge, ``We are really concerned about the copyright of the images output from the image generation AI, and there is no information about the images, the metadata of the images, and the individuals contained in the images. There are issues like the right to a solution,” he said. In other words, Peter is concerned that selling images generated by AI may expose Getty Images users to some legal risk.

Software such as Stable Diffusion, which is a representative of image generation AI technology, is a 'copyrighted image' uploaded to personal art, photos posted on news sites, and photo stock sites such as Getty Images. images are used for training. Web scraping is legal in the United States, so the image generation AI developers argue that the images output by the AI fall under fair use , even if they use 'copyrighted images' for training. There is.

However, some image generation AIs mimic the style of the original data, so there are voices from the artist community calling for the enforcement of new laws to strengthen AI-related regulations.

In addition, Peter CEO refused to comment on whether Getty Images received legal action such as copyright infringement for selling images generated by AI. Peter CEO said, ``AI-generated images are very limited on Getty Images,'' and explained about the ban on AI images, ``This is a rule set to avoid risk to customer reputation, brand, and revenue.'' I'm here.

It seems that Shutterstock, a major photo stock service, was one of the photo stocks that advertises that they also handle AI-generated images , but it has been confirmed that some of these works have been deleted . However, at the time of writing the article, no policy has been introduced to prohibit the use of AI images.

FurAffinity, a furry -focused social art site, has also decided to ban AI images to protect the work of human artists. A FurAffinity official said, 'AI and machine learning applications sample other artists' works to create content. The generated content references hundreds and thousands of other artists' works to create similar images. 'Our goal is to support artists and artist-generated content. We do not believe that allowing AI-generated images on our site is in the best interest of our community.'

However, Getty Images completely relies on users to identify and report AI-generated images, and at the time of writing the article, they are in the process of creating a discrimination filter in cooperation with C2PA . However, The Verge said, ``There is no automated filter for determining fully reliable AI-generated images, so it is not clear how easily Getty Images can ban AI-generated images on its platform.'' I wrote it down.

In addition, STORIA law firm , a law firm related to intellectual property, IT, AI, and venture business, has infringed copyright, and how to use Stable Diffusion and other automatic image generation AI If it is, it is summarized by pattern whether it does not infringe.

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