Twitter is 6 years from this memo, everything started

It has been six years since Twitter was born, but a valuable sketch at the stage of its first idea was released. Since all the current Twitter has started from the sketch of this memo, it will be a very historically valuable sketch.

Twitter Blog: Twitter turns six

The sketch below.

Twttr sketch | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

If you look closely well you will see that the first name was "". From this point on, the basic idea of ​​"My status", that is, to inform you of my current situation has been properly provided.

Also, it is assumed that you enter "reading" and press the button "set", this is a message like "Messenger", that is, extract only the ones that represent the status, on the web I also understand that it was to be realized.

Looking further at the bottom, there is something like "in bed" "going to park" (a walk to the park), and we take into account the switching formulas of choosing or checking their status It seems to be.

The personal information status is based on three of "Name", "E-mail address", "Telephone number", which is also a part that understands the direction of Twitter's idea at that time also around here.

And at the bottom is "know someone?" (Somebody knows?), A method to find users is also implemented, so from here you can see what you are doing now, follow, followers etc. It seems that it evolved into Twitter likeness.

According to the explanation of the image, you can sign up to LiveJournal on May 31, 2000, become a user, live in the Sunshine Biscuit Factory in Oakland, California where you lived, you can use taxis and emergency services etc on the web I was thinking about the service, but in July 2000 I thought of making a more "live" LiveJournal and thought of things like status display of messenger, what I can update in real time. Over the next five years, while trying to implement this idea in various projects did not work, and in the sixth year, in the year 2006, six years from now it is finally clear that this idea is more clear It became a memo like the above and it became Twitter now.

As I looked at this way, Twitter was not the perfect thing from the beginning from the beginning, but at the beginning it starts with something similar, in other words, "only", and from there, "pivot Repeat "turning from the technique of basketball to rotate other legs but other legs to change, change the way to realize the core ideas and basic ideas as they are, etc. flexibly)" It can be clearly understood that this is exactly the appearance of "startup" itself.

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