Testing 'Presence' to inform whether Twitter is online or 'Threading' to hierarchize retweets

Jacques Dorsey has tweeted that Twitter is testing the new " Presence " and " Threading " features. Presence is a function to notify user's online / offline, Threading is a function to display reply like message application.

Dorsey's citation is quoted by Twitter's Sara Hayder. Hayder's reply is attached to Tweet "How long will everybody do this weekend?"

A green mark on the reply user's icon. This is the new function "Presence", the user with this mark is said to be active on Twitter. With this mark, it seems to be easier to find the person sending the short mail.

For Presence that shows whether it is active or not on Titter, it will be provided in opt-in (or opt-out) form that the user can fully control the function from the viewpoint of privacy from the viewpoint of privacy.

· Threading
Another new function Threading is to display the hierarchy as a thread by replying as its name. If there is a large number of reply, it will make it easier to understand message exchange which is difficult to understand in the list display.

The new features "Tweet" and the new features Twitter is testing are in the testing phase, with opinions coming from users, and the official release time is unknown at the time of article creation.

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