Apple launched program to exchange iPhone 8's logic board for free

On August 31, 2018, Apple announced that " iPhone 8 logic board exchange program " will be done. This program is carried out in response to the problem that "a few logic boards with structural defects were included in the iPhone 8 ", and the subject iPhone 8 is subject to free replacement repair of the logic board It is said to be broken.

iPhone 8 Logic Board Exchange Program - Apple Support

A logic board is a motherboard equipped with a CPU and various modules, and it can also be called a substantial main body of the iPhone 8. There is a structural defect in the logic board in a small part of "iPhone 8 sold in Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Macao, New Zealand, USA during the period from September 2017 to March 2018" , "Sudden reboot", "freeze screen", "iPhone 8 will not turn on the power" problem occurred.

Whether your iPhone 8 is eligible or not can be checked from the serial number of the iPhone 8 main unit. To check the serial number, first tap the setting.

Tap "General"

Tap "Information" at the top.

The character string displayed in the item of "serial number" is the serial number of the main body of iPhone 8.

Enter the serial number in the entry field on the "iPhone 8 Logic Board Replacement Program" page, and press Send to see if it is the subject of the program.

Please note that this program will be applied from the first retail sale date of the target iPhone 8 for up to three years.

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