The opening of the "Tokyo International Anime Fair 2012" which is different from the past so far, what is the future direction?

At the Tokyo Big Sight, the biggest event of the animation industry "Tokyo International Anime Fair 2012 (TAF)" started. Today and the 23rd is Business Day, a symposium on animation business and so on will be held, and 24th and 25th will be on stage on the public day for general guests to come and enjoy.

Tokyo International Anime Fair 2012

There is no doubt that TAF is the biggest event in the animation industry, but this year's animation fair is different from the past. First of all, it was the first time in two years that it was canceled last year due to the Great East Japan Earthquake that occurred on March 11, 2011. And one more thing, I was involved in TAF triggered by the problem of revising the regulations of youth health development in Tokyo, which occurred in 2010Comic 10 society such as Kadokawa Shoten, Kodansha, Shueisha announces refusal to participateThat's it.

The amendment plan for "Young people health development regulations" is to regulate the sale of cartoons and animation with radical sexual depiction, the publishing industry strongly opposed from "infringement of freedom of expression" and "bad influence on creative activities". It seems that the publisher and the metropolitan government had many talks in the process, but in this process Shintaro Ishihara from the Tokyo Governor repeatedly made false remarks to manga and animation, and its producer, so the publisher's distrust Kirakawa Shoten's President Shinichiro Inoue on TwitterTAF's cancellation of exhibitionWe came to announce.

In response to this trend, Prime Minister KanCalling for concerted efforts in various parts so that TAF can hold "It is important to transmit Japanese animation to the world"Or serve as executive committee secretariat of TAFThe Japan Motion Picture Association announces a statement that it is "virtually unfeasible"And the situation is extremely confusing, at the end of DecemberKadokawa Shoten and others hold "Anime Content Expo (ACE)" on the same day as TAFIt was announced that it was decided to split the event.

At that time, from the TAF poster, comics 10 images made by saying what will happen if we draw something related works.

After all, as mentioned above,Both TAF and ACE canceled due to the earthquakeHowever, the gap between the publisher and the capital is not filled up, and it is decided to hold a division this year as well. ACE will be held from March 22 to March 25 on TAF, March 31 and April 1.

The venue is East Hall 1, 2, 3 of Tokyo Big Sight this year too

Escalator at the International Exhibition Center Station There are no posters on the wall

There was a poster notice in the aisle from the station to the big site just as usual. It is all TBS works.

March 22 and 23 are Business Day, 24th and 25th are Public Day. The admission fee is 1000 yen for adults and 500 yen for junior high and high school students.

On the same schedule, the Tokyo Motorcycle Show will be held as well.

Eastern and western free passage leading to the East Hall, people were lined up here in the former public day, what will happen this time?

Precure All - Stars New Stage and Gundam AGE, Code Geass, Gundam UC, TIGER & BUNNY to decorate the entrance.

The stage event of Business Day and the schedule of the symposium are like this

And a public day stage event. Fragrance GARO, Mobile Suit Gundam AGE, Sengoku collection, card fight !! Vanguard events etc are scheduled.

This poster looks like this

When in the venue. It is natural that there are few people since it is still open ... ...

The reason why the impression is slightly different from the average year is probably because the number of booths is decreasing and the passage is widened, because the number of floating balloons is small.

Raccoon Raccoon

Beans mackerel

Panda Copanda's Papanda

Nico Nico Douga 's Movie and the Earth

Toei Animation


Manga Kingdom country-friendly international comic book

China Animations Chinese Pavilion

And the official character of the animation fairAt you. Takashi Yanase of "Soreike! Anpanman" designed it. By the way, the Japanese cartoonist association, where Yanase is the presidentAn opposition statement is issued against the Tokyo Metropolitan Youth Development Ordinance revision bill.

The support program "CREATOR'S WORLD" that gathered the works of up-and-coming creators celebrated the 10th this time

There are wide food and drink booths, shops like hormone roast and tiger sky.

At the opening ceremony, Executive Vice Chairman Hiroshi Sato of Tokyo Metropolitan Governor and other Executive Committee officers conducted a tape cut.

Yuru characters in Tohoku gathered to make the animation fair excitement

Deputy Governor Sato in the center

The organizer greetings by the deputy governor were as follows.

On behalf of the organizer I will greet a word.
As a year since the Great East Japan Earthquake, this Tokyo International Anime Fair will be held with the theme of earthquake disaster reconstruction support.
Already at the executive committee, from the autumn of last year, we tried to cheer up the children in the disaster area with the power of animation,
We have been holding screenings and various events in various affected areas.
Also at this venue I will introduce and report our past efforts,
We are preparing various projects that can introduce the animated museum in the disaster area, and can PR the Tohoku's health.
This animation fair which attracts a lot of attention internationally, to convey the spirit of Tohoku, to transmit the wonder of Japan's proud content,
I hope that this will lead to a strong appeal to Japan's revival, which will lead to this.
Animation fair, originally aimed at promotion development of animation industry.
In that sense the center will be Japan's best, though,
We have welcomed many companies and business visitors from the inside and outside of the country so far and have been developing business talks in international meaning.
In addition to this, in addition to participating in the Embassy of Japan in nine countries in the country, we will open an overseas pavilion.
I hope that it will be a place for new encounters for new developments of animation by all means.
Moreover, although it is a competition which is another point of the animation fair, there were quite a lot of entries from overseas.
I applied for the work of 382, ​​but since 3/4 is an exhibition from overseas,
I am pleased that this animation award has grown to take notice as a gateway to young creators abroad now.
I will do the award ceremony on the 24th, but I think that I would appreciate it if you would like to send great support to everyone who created a wonderful work.
In addition, we have prepared various projects so that we can enjoy the family as an event.
I would like to invite a lot of people during this period to fully enjoy the fun and charm of animation.
As a conclusion, I would like to thank you for your continued cooperation, as this animation fair has grown as an increasingly international trade fair, Tokyo and Japan's animation industry will further develop and prosper. I pray that efforts of animation of the earthquake disaster recovery will be helped even though it is very powerful, and I would like to express my gratitude to the stakeholders who had a lot of hardship for this time holding and will be greetings of the organizer .

Then tape cutting was done, and the animation fair started.

Participants gathered at the ceremony and interviews

The characters have too much impact ......

Precure was conspicuous

Incidentally, a meeting was held on March 19 prior to the opening of the executive committee secretariat, Mr. Suzuki Hitoshi Chief Producer, Tokyo international animation fair and animated content Expo did not compete against each other, two events I am talking about whether it should be exciting together. Will the two events be divided in the future with the purpose shifted ...?

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