I tried cleaning the PC with "Makita blower" which can defeat iPhone which is 50 centimeters ahead by wind pressure

I was looking for 'blower' which flies dust with the power of wind to clean dirt collected in PC fans and heat sinks, and found out products with considerable radical comment written by Amazon review as follows Did.

Amazon.co.jp: Customer Review: Makita Blower MUB 100

Air volume near double of spray can type dust blower

When the air volume is "6", there is a feeling that the possession hand is twisted.

It will be an explosive enough to cause ringing in the ears.

Although explosive sound is somewhat disturbing, the performance is such that it exerts nearly twice the power of the spray can type, so the price is 4880 yen including tax and it is quite attractive to be affordable. For example, a spray type blower "Sanwa Supply Air Duster"Is sold for 1143 yen by 2, it seems that the price of" Makita blower "which can be used repeatedly is not so high. In addition, although the spray type can be used casually, on the other hand, there is a disadvantage that you have to use it while worrying about the remaining amount. Therefore, in case of cleaning multiple PCs etc, it is convenient to use an electric blower which can use almost unlimitedly if there is power supply. So in translationMakita blower MUB 100I actually purchased it and decided to use it for cleaning the PC.

It is in a box like this.

It seems that we are improving the ease of wrapping by centering the position of the motor.

It was exposed in a box without being stuck to polystyrene foam or plastic bags.

The contents are main body and nozzle, instruction manual.

The measured weight is about 1.83 km.

Looking from the side it looks like this.

The front is like this.

The connecting part between the cord and the main body has a fairly solid cover, it seems to be hard to break even if it is treated roughly.

The length of the cord is about 5 meters and it can be used for cleaning the garden.

Nozzle for cleaning small areas is stored on the bottom.

The nozzle will come off like this.

It can be attached like this to the tip of the normally used nozzle.

There is a dial on the top of the main unit for adjusting the air volume.

Turn on and off using the trigger on the tip of the index finger as shown below. You can also continue to inject air even if you do not hold the trigger by pushing a button visible on the right side of the photo.

It actually looks like this.

The movie that I tried checking the change of sound while switching the air volume 1 to 6 is the following. If you place it on the desk with the air jetted at Level 6, you can see how it moves with the Zulzle with the momentum of the wind blowing by itself.

"Makita Blowa" Experience the Explosion Sounds - YouTube

So please check out the movie you tried to make it look like it is holding up the tissue how much air is being actually injected.

Check the power of "Makita Blower" - YouTube

Furthermore, the following movies that can understand the result of the experiment which tried the level 6 wind toward the iPhone 4 placed ahead 50 centimeters is also a must.

Kill iPhone 4 with "Makita Blower" wind pressure - YouTube

Let's clean the aluminum sash first.

Although I try to blow air for about 10 seconds ....

There is not much effect on the dirt of the sash. It seems that dust did not blow away well as it was damp due to dew condensation.

This time it is a keyboard.

Jet air for about 10 seconds as well.

Chile that was clogged in the gap of the key gets out so it clears up, but the impression that the dust attached to the surface is left a little is impressive.

Finally, since there was a desktop PC which had not been cleaned for more than 4 years at the editorial department, I immediately decided to blow away the dust accumulated in the stagnation at once. Furthermore, appearances are very similar, but beforearticleIt is a different thing from the machine that caused thermal runaway because the grease of the CPU made it dried and set.

Start cleaning.

Sending wind to the heat sink ... ....

The dust rises at a stretch.

As a tremendous amount of dust blows out, we recommend that you wear a mask etc. to fully open the window of the room when cleaning.

If dust is damp or contains oil, it will be difficult to fly, but in order to blow away dust packed in the gaps around the PC fan and heat sink, it will be able to demonstrate its overwhelming power so that you can use multiple machines In case of cleaning all at once, please consider purchasing.

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