Super movie play movie that jumps from a fighter plane and shoots an enemy and takes an enemy aircraft

The latest work of FPS game "Battlefield" series "Battlefield 3 (Battlefield 3)"Was released in November 2011. In a game developed overseas, the degree of freedom may be quite high, but even with this battlefield you can do something that is impossible at the actual battlefield. On YouTube, there was uploaded a play not to do with "Akito A Team" that the pilot who jumped out from the fighter aimed at the enemy pilot with the gun at hand as it was.

Battlefield 3 - Jet Swap - YouTube

The movie starts with the player riding a fighter plane.

The enemy fighter aircraft is approaching from behind, and furthermore, the aircraft fire from the ground was also locked on, and we took a path to the sea.

Then I will rush to the sky at once.

Then suddenly the player got out of the fighter plane. A fighter plane that has lost the pilot is visible on the right side of the screen.

No way ... ... but it's aimed at snatching the cockpit of the fighter that came from behind with the rifle at hand and letting it be awesome.

Notation of "ENEMY KILL 100" at the bottom of the screen. I will definitely make a mistake.

The fighter plane that this player was riding on until the black fighting aircraft seen at the lower left was the aircraft that the player was destroyed now by the white aircraft that is coming from behind.

The player falls slowly, but fighter planes will gradually come up in the meantime.

He got a hand out ... ...

I got on a fighter plane that was an enemy's fighter until a while ago. Because the aircraft is different, the instruments at hand are completely different things.

The action "take away the track on which the enemy is riding" is often seen in Hollywood movies, but until this point that you jump down from your fighter plane and knock down the enemy pilot that you were tracking and take away that aircraft " There is no truly absurd action indeed. This pilot,Chuck NorrisOr something ... ....

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